We Are Not Alone In This World

Prothlinee has had one wish for as long as she can remember; to meet an alien.
In a future where the existence of aliens is an accepted truth humans interact with other species on a regular basis, most of the time things run smoothly but no peace can last forever. Sparks of discontent burn and Prothlinee finds her sleepy little town isn’t quite all it appears to be.

Wrote fo the Sci-Fi competiton


3. Dangerous Plots

“That cloud looks like a bird, don’t you think?” Flax asked me pointing at a fluffy lump of cotton in the sea blue sky that loosely resembled a parrot.

“Yes.” I smile; it’s peaceful lying beside him on the soft grass watching the sky roll by on an endless loop, the promise of escaping reality an ever present possibility.

“You’ve went into the forest again yesterday...” mussed Flax a strange note colouring his voice, I look at him puzzled, it wasn’t like him to be wound up about something as trivial as this. “You do know it’s unlikely you’ll find anything in there.”

“Yes, well you never know...” I answer quietly trying not to feel disheartened. It wasn’t just the possibility of making a discovery that made the forest an appealing place; it was also a sanctuary where I could think clearly without distractions.

“I overheard some people talking yesterday, apparently their holding some sort of meeting today, from what I could gather they seem interested in finding out more about the Friane, just like you.” Flax said continuing as if I hadn’t answered at all. I must admit it sounded interesting but maybe a little too good to be true.

“Are you going to go?” I ask sceptically, Flax doesn’t share my enthusiasm on this topic so I don’t get my hopes up.

“Honestly, I don’t want to but I know how annoyed you would be with me if I didn’t tell you.” he sighed “So, if you want to go, count me in.” He offered sincerely.

“Thank-you” I smile flushing slightly, I’m lucky to have a friend like Flax. “Where is it taking place?”


We where lead into an abandoned warehouse type building by a surly looking tall man with a bald head. The atmosphere inside was strange, nothing at all like the polite academic setting I had imagined, the air seemed charged with pent up tension; it was like standing at the centre of thunderstorm waiting for the lightning to start. A young man stood on the makeshift stage at the very front of the space; he had cropped black hair with a dyed tuft of green above his forehead. He looked scared, I felt an oddly large amount of sympathy towards him, he was as out of place here as me and Flax.

“H-hello and thank-you for coming this evening, my name is Dusk.” He began stuttering nervously. “I’ve been asked to talk to you a bit about what we know so far about the Friane.”

“We don’t know anything!” someone in the restless crowd yelled venomously.

I took a step closer to Flax, I felt really uncomfortable here. “I think this was a bad idea.” I whisper to him. He puts his arm around me pulling me closer to him keeping me safe, we both know we can’t leave until it’s over, it would look too suspicious. The angry minutes pass by at a snail’s pace; until finally, after what seems like an eternity, a large man built like a wrestler with a look of placid indifference appeared on stage. The room fell into a stunned silence. He spoke of how the Friane were not to be trusted, of how they were the cause of many unsolved crimes, of how we should be taking precautions to protect ourselves, friends and families and mostly about the best ways to spot one.

Around us several people began to mutter, “How do we know he isn’t one of them?” someone in the nearest group was saying.

“If he was, why would he be asking us to fight against his brethren?” was the hushed reply.

The meeting seemed to have ended without anyone noticing it, the men on stage had vanished taking nearly all the gathered masses with them; soon we were the only ones left and needless to say we didn’t hang around long.

Despite the fear we had experienced in that hellish place we had learnt a lot, someone was aiming to start a rebellion. Knowing how unlikely it was that the police would take this seriously we decided to do our own investigating till we had enough concrete evidence; Flax didn’t like this very much protesting that it was too dangerous, I however, was unconcerned.


He stood in the crowded box of a room pressed into a corner near the back doing his best to look like he belonged. Finding his targets had been easier than he thought, Fate must be smiling on me today. He pondered listening to the murmurings from all around him, each one sounded angrier than the last and not one had a kind word to say about his kind; he sighed wishing they see things from his own perspective. Friannians had set out to learn about the universe and the many planets in it, they weren’t interested in claiming anything. Why couldn’t they accept that? He said to himself exasperated.

The young man on stage was the same one from the night before, he said his name was Dusk, but who he really was remained a mystery. When they executed the same disappearing act as before he was ready, moving quickly to the back door hidden in the shadows near the stage, moments later he had opened it and set about following the group’s enigmatic leader.

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