We Are Not Alone In This World

Prothlinee has had one wish for as long as she can remember; to meet an alien.
In a future where the existence of aliens is an accepted truth humans interact with other species on a regular basis, most of the time things run smoothly but no peace can last forever. Sparks of discontent burn and Prothlinee finds her sleepy little town isn’t quite all it appears to be.

Wrote fo the Sci-Fi competiton


1. Suspicions Bloom

Two hundred years ago this planet was a green and peaceful place, civilisation spread its wings to every corner of the globe and the existence of aliens confined to science fiction; now, however, we live with the knowledge an invasion may not be far away. I know I should find this a more frightening prospect but the truth is I find the thought of meeting an alien exciting.

My name is Prothlinee I’m 18 years old and a proud member of the human race, I live in a town called Pax, here life is fairly simple and most of the residents abide by the law. In Pax we humans live alongside several Friannians, members of a race from a planet in a distant galaxy, the only thing is no one has ever seen what they really look like; this is partly because they wear appearance altering devices and partly, because their true appearance is (apparently) quiet shocking.

“Hey!” my friend Flax calls cheerfully as I walk past his garden on my way home. Flax is taller than me with shoulder length fair hair and intelligent soft green eyes; we have been friends since childhood. I wave at him smiling as he crosses the short distance between us. “What have you been doing today?”

“Nothing really, I’ve just been for a walk around town...” I answer hoping he won’t press me for details. It wasn’t a lie, I had been for a walk through the small dense forest near Pax looking for signs of our Friannian brethrens activity but, of course, Flax doesn’t need to know this; he would only call me obsessed as always.

“Yeah...” he said I was in luck he had let it slide for once, which usually meant something was troubling him; I look at him quizzically, concern clearly wrote on my face prompting him to go on. “There have been rumours of unrest amongst the Friane population over the laws that keep them from travelling on our planet as unhindered as we do.”

“Oh.” I sigh, this was an ominous prospect; under the conditions of the alliance, made just over a century ago, the Friane agreed to several laws that restricted their movements in and out of major cities. Mainly, I assume, to prevent conspiracy enthusiasts suggesting they are influencing our governments in a bid to enslave us peacefully.

“I don’t like the thought of it much either but there’s not much we can do about it.” Flax said sullenly, he never did like being out of control. “Anyway, I’ll catch you later; my mum wants me to mow the lawn.”  He added gruffly before heading off to take care of his chores. I sigh heavily, as much as I’ve grown used to this particular habit he has, of leaving without warning, it’s something I find myself felling inexplicably hurt by more often than not.


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