Gotta Be You [Sequel] FINISHED

Marley and Louis are together but how long will it last? What will Andy do without Marley? Are Louis and Marley going to be together like they had hoped?


15. Chapter 14

*2 months later*


Marley’s POV I woke up feeling some sort of liquid on the bed. “MOM!!” my mom ran from her room to mine “What’s the matter?” I looked at her with a worried face “What’s happening to me? What is this?” my mom yelled for my dad and said “Honey get the car ready it’s time.” I grabbed my phone and called Louis. “Hello?” I knew I had woken him up from his sleep. “Lou’ Alexander is on his way. Meet us at the hospital as soon as you can.” “Okay. Call me when you get there so I know where you are. I love you.” “Love you too.” My mom hurried and grabbed my bag I had packed for the hospital. It was going to be a long night. When we arrived at the hospital mom went in and got a nurse and wheeled me in. I pulled out my phone and called Louis “Where are you? I can’t do this without you.” I was breathing harder then I was when we left the house. ”I see you I’m right behind you.” Right when Louis grabbed my hand we were led to a room. I was to change into a hospital gown and lie down until the doctor came in the room to see how dilated I was. About ten minutes later the doctor comes in and checks “Your fully dilated you are going to have to push there’s no time for the epidural.”


Louis’s POV Marley looked at me worried. “Okay Marley I’m going to need you to push for me.” Marley takes a deep breath and pushes as hard as she can. “That’s it you’re doing great. Now this time on going to count to ten and I want you to keep pushing until I say.” Marley nods her head and squeezes my hand. I knew she was scared just by the look on her face. The doctor started counting. “…8, 9, 10. Okay your crowning one more push should do the trick.” Again squeezing my hand I pushed her hair back from her face. “You go this babe. Don’t worry I’m right here with you.” The doctor started to count again. “…8, 9, 10. That’s it! You’re done. Now we just have to cut the cord. Who wants to do the honor?” Marley looked at me “Louis you do it.” I cut the cord like Marley had told me too. They cleaned off the baby and brought him back to us. “So do you have a name for your new baby boy?” at the same time we both said “Alexander William Tomlinson.” I looked at Marley and smiled and kissed her on the forehead “You did and amazing job. You go ahead and rest I will stay here with you and take care of Alexander.” “Thank you Louis. I knew you would be here like you said you would. I love you. And I love you too Alexander.” “And we both love you.”


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