Harry's Little Angel

Harry finds out he has a daughter named Darcy. Find out what happens.


1. Dally

Harry's P.O.V:

" Hey Harry isn't that Dally over there?" louis asked point over to a girl. "Yeah i think it is" "well lets go say hi" louis said running over to her. "Dally?" i asked poking her sholder. She turned around facing me. She was holding a little girl that looked to be 2 or 3 years old. she had little brown curls and beautiful green eyes. "HARRY" Dally yelled. "Hey, its been a long time since i've seen you last" a said. "yeah it has been"she reply. "well who is this?" i asked. "this is Darcy" she said. Her deep brown eyes started to fill with tears. "whats wrong?" i asked. "Darcy......... shes yours" i was speachless. "w-what do you mean Darcy's........ mine?" "I'm sorry i hid her from you" she said as tears fell from her eyes. I looked at louis, he had his mouth wide open in shock. "May i?" i asked. she nodded handing me Darcy. "im really really sorry i hid her from you harry" she said "Its ok im not mad" i told her while pulling her into a hug. louis was still standing there with a shocked look on his face. "HARRY" niall screams running up to us.

"yeah?" i asked. "We got to go i told lou that we would babysit lux......" he pauses and looks at Dally. "DALLY" he screams while hugging her. "Hey Nialler" she replys. "Dally would you like to come with us?" i asked her "sure" she replyed. We walked to the car where Liam and Zayn were waiting for us. we all got in and went back to are house. "who is the little curly haired cutie?" Liam asked looking at Darcy. "Harrys kid" louis mumbles. "HARRYS WHAT???" liam yells. "Harrys kid" louis repeats. liams jaw drops. we were quiet the hole way home. we pull in the drive way 5 minutes before lou is suposed to be here. liam stormed off in to the house. "whats his deal?" Niall asked "i dont know. im going to go talk to him" i replyed. i ran off after him. "Liam wait" "what do you want?" he said in an angry tone. "why are you acting weird?". he rolled his eyes and walked away saying "you should have been more careful" is he really blaming just me for this? i walked into the living room where they were all at. "where did niall go?" i asked. "hes outside getting lux and her stuff from lou" louis replyed. right as niall walks in the door followed by lux. she runs into the living room screaming. "lux, calm down" louis tells her while picking her up. she just giggles and starts screaming louder. she stops screaming when she sees Darcy. "FRIEND" she screams while trying to wiggle out of louis arms. he sets her down and she runs over to Darcy. We sit and watch them play. there so funny and cute to watch. lux comes up to me and holds out her arms for me to pick her up. "Harry?" she says. "yes lux?" i reply "i tired" she said. i carry her up to the room we turned in to a bed room for her. i sit in the rocking chair and start to sing to her " shut the door. turn the light off. i wanna be with you. i wanna feel your love i wanna lay beside you. i cannot hide this even though i try" liam walks in and starts singing "Heart beats harder time escapes me trembking hands touch skin it makes this harder and the tears stream down my face" then i start from wear he stops "if we could only have this life for one more day if we could only turn back time" the rest of the boys walk in louis carrys Darcy in and we all start singing "you know I'll be your life your voice your reason to be my love my heart is breathing for this moment in time I'll find the words to say before you leave me today" both Darcy and lux were sound asleep. i put lux in her bed and took Darcy from louis and took her up to my room an layed her on my bed.

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