One Direction Imagines (ON HOLD)

One Direction imagines. If you want an imagine, comment your name, hair and eye color,the boy and if you want extras. Example:

Ashley, blonde hair, blue eyes,Liam, Danielle and Harry

For all ages. :)


1. Louis Imagine

 "Hey can I come over?" your boyfriend Louis asked on the phone. "Sure." you answer. You go to your living room and sit down waiting for Louis. You hear a knock at the door,quickly get up and open it."Come in" you say holding the door open for him. Louis comes in and takes off his jacket. You go to your room and Louis follows. You sit down and watch Bambi.Soon,Louis is asleep.You giggle and turn off the tv. You look at your alarm clock.It's 9.You decide to play a prank on your boyfriend.You take a pillow,wrap duck tape around the middle.You take a manniqin head and tape it on the top of the pillow. You put a wig on the manniquin and look at it. You put it next to Louis and he wraps his arm around it. You try to keep your giggles inside and you takes photos on your phone. You go to the living room and fall asleep on the couch. In the morning, you wake up at 6 am.You sneak over to Louis and notice he is still asleep.You take more pictures and let out a big laugh."Oops"you whisper as you see Louis's eyes flutter open. Quickly you hide behind the bed."What the-..." you hear Louis say.You get out of your hiding spot and laugh."What's so funny?" Louis asked. You show him the pictures on your phone and laugh harder. "I'm gonna get you,(Y/N)"he yells and gets out of bed. You run and hide behind the couch.You are uncomfortable but you hear him coming."Where are you?"Louis asks. He walks into the kitchen and keeps looking.You get out from behind the couch and run into your room. You get in the closet and wait. Louis begins to get nervous. He decides to call his friends for help."Harry.Can you help me find (Y/N)? She is hiding and I don't know where she is!"Louis tells Harry.Soon, there is a knock at your door. Louis opens it and sees Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn."I thought we might use some backup" Harry explains as the boys come in.Louis nods and the search the entire house.Except your room."Hey Lou, do I look in here?" Niall asked pointing towards your door."No I already searched there twice" Louis answers.You quietly get out of the closet,put your shoes on and go outside your window. You run into your garden and hide behind a big bush.You hear someone shut your front door and call out "(Y/N)! Where are you!".You run back into the window and into your closet again."Should we call the police?"Liam asks."No.She's hiding here somewhere"Zayn answered."You guys,its late you shoul go home" Louis tells the boys.They leave and Louis sits on the bed,panicked.You creep out of the closet again and look at the time.10:30.You get in your bed and fall asleep.Shortly after,Louis comes into your room and sees you.He smiles and sleeps on the couch.*In the morning* You wake up to the sound of footsteps.Loud footsteps.The door swings open and you see a monster.You scream and the 'monster' takes off his mask.It was Louis! and he was laughing."It's not funny!" you yell.He runs away.It's your turn to chase after him and you do. Louis hides behind the couch.You hide in the kitchen and stand still.Louis gets out of his hiding spot and looks around."Where is she?"he asks. You sneak up behind him and yell "BOO!".Louis screams and you push him on the couch."It's time for revenge!' you yell and put a movie on. "Yeah,like a movie is gonna hurt me!"yells Louis."Wait and see"you tell him and press play. The movie starts and Louis reads the title on the screen."NOOO! NOT TWILIGHT!"Louis screams.You laugh. In the middle of the movie, Louis yells"Ahh! My eyes!They burn!". Soon, the movie is over."Finally!It's over!" Louis exclaims.He smiles evily and says"It's time for my revenge now!" You try to run but he holds on to you. Louis presses play and you read the tittle on the screen.It is Paranormal Activity 3."Louis! You know I don't like scary movies!"  you yell."That's why watching this is revenge!" he answeres.You think for a moment."I'm hungry.I'm going to get popcorn"you tell him.Suddently, Louis pulls out a bowl of popcorn. You take it and sigh. You decide to watch the movie. You don't really have a choice. During the movie, you hold on to the popcorn bowl tightly with your eyes wide. You hate scary movies. Louis looks at you but you don't notice. Suddently, a ghost comes out in the movie and you scream and throw the popcorn bowl. The bowl flies up high and popcorn spills eveywhere. "Ughhh! i made such a mess!' you exclaim. "It's okay love.You know there's another reason why I want us to watch this movie." Louis explains."What is it?" you ask. Louis moves closer to you and whispers"I want to cuddle with you" "Ok" you say and put your head on his shoulder. He leans in closer and closer and closer untill you guys kiss. It was a very nice kiss. You guys break apart and finish watching the movie.

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