1. Morning

- Grace's P.O.V -

* Beep, beep * Ugh. Six in the morning, already. I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom. As I stepped into the shower, I thought about the day ahead. I stood under the hot water and let it drip down my face. After I felt that I was in there enough, I stepped out and brushed. " What am I supposed to wear ?! " I thought. " GRACE ! You're gonna be late ! " I heard my mom call. I quickly threw on a pair of faded skinny jeans, a gray cropped shirt with the British flag on it, and grabbed my vans on the way downstairs. " Morning mom. Oh hey Blake . " I said to my mom and stepdad. " Bye guys ! " I said only way out the door. As I walked to school, I thought about the day ahead of me...
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