Letting Go

Sometimes, it gets too much. Sometimes, you have to let go.
A short story.


1. Letting Go

I woke up that day, feeling like I didn't belong. It felt like my life was on fast-forward, and if I blinked, I missed everything. My little brother was now 9, and the last memory I had of him was him being 5. Great sister I am. My older brother and sister, getting A's and A*'s. Then me, getting C's. My dad pushing me to do better, when i'm already on the edge on a mental breakdown because I am trying so hard. I have expectations to live up to and they are just too high. My "friend" is actually a complete and utter brat. Just to make things worse, at school, I am just the private comedy show. My life is a circus. People line up to see the stupid, childish, little girl try to make people like her, but instead, make people laugh at her. I want a friend that will laugh WITH me, not AT me. Everybody has a flaw. Mine is being a nobody, someone who's just there, or just is on Earth because I have to be. My mom WAS supportive, now i'm just the family 'drama queen'. I took that as a compliment, that i'm actually being referred to as part of the family. I'm THAT desperate. I heard laughter from downstairs, the rest of my 'family' are having fun, perfectly fine without me. Why am I here? Who would be so cruel as to put me on this hell hole called Earth, to suffer and suffer? They say every cloud has a silver lining, but that silver lining turned grey a long, long time ago. When I stopped believing in anything good. There is only good and bad. They don't mix. They never join. I gave up. I let go. I let go of life. I let go of the world. I let go of the suffering. I went to live the life I wanted. I went to make everyone happy. Yet they act like I was their best friend. I forgot my past. I was in the future. I was in the afterlife. 

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