The Life Of Tobascus.

A Thoroughbred colt is born on a new racing stable. Under tons of pressure, this colt is the stables future.. Will he be able to succeed through the hardships and keep the stable going?


1. Birth Of Tobascus

April 5th, 2009 : The bay mare paced the stall anxiously, sweat dotting her dark coat.  An young man came into the stall with rags and stroked her. Suddenly, a small girls voice was heard. "When will the baby be born, daddy?" The man sighed, stress lines creasing his forehead."I have no idea, darling.." The little girl stepped into the stall, wearing a Barbie dress and muck boots. "It's late, go back inside." The man said tenderly, gently directing his daughter outside of the stall door. He turned back to the mare. "It's alright, Malibu.." He said quietly, slipping his hand under her leather halter to stroke her cheek. The mare grunted quietly  before pawing the ground. "It's time." The man spoke quietly to himself, stepping back to let the mare lie down. The mare flopped down and rolled onto her side, swishing her tail in discomfort. The man stroked Malibu one more time before going to the feed room. He grabbed a bale of hay and some oats before lugging it all back to the stall. When he came back, the mare was standing again. "Really, Malibu." He said, annoyed. He went to walk around her, but nearly tripped over a small black figure. He turned around, only to see a small black foal lying beside his standing mother. "Oh my gosh!" He whispered quietly, admiring him. He stroked Malibu and hugged her. "Atta girl.." He mumbled to her, then stood back for her to clean the colt. Her motherly instincts went into overdrive, and she began to groom the colt like no tomorrow. His small neck bobbed as her strong tongue cleaned him. The man leaned on his knee and watched the small black foal attempt to stand, only to fall forward onto his chest. The man let out a small laugh and watched him attempt again, and on his 3rd try he stood up on his gangly legs and looked around. The mother nudged him, and he wobbled his way over to drink. The man stood and poured the oats in the mares bucket, then spread two flakes of hay around the stall. "David!" A womans voice rang through the stables, followed by another."Dad?" "In here." He said, stepping out of the door to motion them towards him. A young girl, about 14, ran towards him. "Did she have it?!" She squealed. "See for yourself.." He said, stepping aside. An older woman, his wife, walked up to him. "She's so excited about this foal.." She said as she entered the stall."Oh my gosh!" The young girl, Lily, squealed. "He's so small!" She said and stroked the foal softly. "What are we going to name him..?" Lily asked. "Well.." David stumbled. His wife, Shannon, looked over. "Name it something.. Manly.." David looked at the colt, then back to the others. "How about.. Tobascus. Nothing more." David smiled as Lily stroked him."Welcome to the world, Tobascus."

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