Forty Sixty.



1. Ch. 1

My name is Valeia Long. I'm 17 years old and I live in what was once the United States of America. Right now, we call it 'The Ruins.' because there is hardly anything left. The reason, The Flighters. The Flighters were people from a island called the Unknown. They say The Flighters came from a Mediterranean island or some Caribbean Island. They came from state to state and just created a huge massacre. This was long before I was born. I live in the part of The Ruins that is called 40-60. They call it 40-60 because it was the 4 out of 6 part of the country that is still livable. The other parts are in Oregon, Idaho, Florida, California, Maine and NY. I'm in the Idaho region. There is about 150 people in this area. But there is more spread out throughout the state boarder. No one knows if the other 'states' -we call them Deserts because they look deserted from afar.- are inhabitable or if anyone even lives there. 

My life is basically once huge schedule. Each week, the Minister -basically the leader of our area.- gives each person under the age of 21 a schedule. They must follow the schedule or serious consequences will follow. Unless your sick of course. We get the schedule on Sunday and it basically has everything printed on a sheet of paper that we have clipped to clipboards. We can doodle whatever on the clipboard but we cannot draw on the weekly sheet until that week is over. On Saturday we go back to The Hall of Minister and have the paper scanned. They check the cameras and the systems to make sure we went to every class, every dinner, anything that was on the sheet. If were sick then our parents have to go in to get it stamped and we are required to stay home for 3 days. The stamp on the paper says SICK or NON. Sick means we were ill, obviously. but Non means that something happened with a family member or a close friend. The girls are required to wear a blouse, pants, shorts or skirts, or a dress. We have to wear sandals or boots. No tennis shoes. By 9:45 every morning we have to be dressed and ready to go to school. I typically wear a blouse and shorts, considering now it's April.

I look different than most of the girls in 40-60. Most of them are blonde or brunette. I have black hair and green eyes. I'm short and tan. They are usually pale or tan, and usually medium height to tall.

Girls are only allowed to date when they're 13. The parents must approve of their whereabouts and when the girls and boys turn 13 we get a device implanted in our hand. You get to pick a color, and a wristband color. The device in your hand is like a GPS, your parents can track you down and find you with a push of a button. The wrist band is basically basic things about you. Your likes and dislikes. Your basic information, your sexual orientation and phone number. I chose a blue wristband. Every Friday-Sunday the Minister will go over the intercom that is placed in everyone's home and say 'Green Meet.' So everyone with a green wristband meets in The Plaza and will talk for hours. 

That's just the beginning of 40-60

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