I'm not normal your not normal and someone wants to kill me

I'm Alice. Alice Harp. And this is my story.I'm in love (and you're thinking"so?")
But it hard to life my life, trying to live normal, when people what me dead. I'm about to something that they won't like. And now my death is waiting around the conner for me. I'm going to start from the beinning. But I'm only 16. Aren't I too young to die?


1. I tell him what I am.

"You're crazy!" He yelled "You're not normal, yeah, but you're not this" He spat out the last word, making her wince.

"Seth, please it all adds up." She whispered. "The first day we meet you said that I was different."

"Yeah I said you're different , I meant that you act different from them, you look different from them but i never said that you were different this way!"

"P-please" she whispered, wishing that he would understand. She reached out for his hand and held it. Holding his hand felt different, it felt wrong. But she didn't let go. "Let me show you" she didn't know what to show him she didn't even know that much.

"No, Alice" He whispered, freeing his hand from hers. His voice got louder. "I can't go out with a witch!" Alice winced at the word it hurt, yes, but she didn't what to go down, although she would. He started to walk away. She didn't say anything. Just watched to moon light that was on his back. She let her self slip away from the world and fall into the mud and leaves that covered the forest floor. Wrapping her arms around her knees, letting the wind blow her tangled black hair in her face. She started to cry. It started to rain. Seth looked back at her crying on the ground, he smiled at her pain and walked away. She fell asleep. Alice had spent most of the night in the forest. Until someone, something picked her up she felt the warmth come of his body and she buried her self closer to him. His arms were strong, they made her feel safe. She felt the warmth of the school building, then she felt him carry her up the stairs. He opened her door then lay her on the bed took off her shoes the took off her coat. He lifted up the blanket put it over her. He bent down, and kiss her forehead. He turned around. She caught his arm, she opened her eyes. "Zayn?" He nodded. "Why?"

"Why not?" He smiled, she smiled too.

"Thank you." He shrugged. She sat up and turned so she was facing him, her knees tucked underneath her. They were gazing into each others eyes. Still smiling. She kissed him, after a second he kiss her back. His lips sent a rush of warmth though her, her heart raced. She pulled back. His eyes shining. A grin on his face. "Night." She whispered. "No rules." And she watch him leave.



"Hey" She said sliding into a chair next to her best friends. Lola and Rachel.

"I heard Seth dumped you last night." Lola said the clamped her hands over her mouth. "Yeah, so?"

"So, spill it!" They both said at the same time. Alice nodded, she swallowed a bit of toast then said "He just dumped me. Then walked off."

"Oh" Rachel said like she was expecting something else.

"What? People get dumped all the time. Anyway, nothing else happened I waited until he had gone then I went to my dorm." OK, well they don't need too know. She told herself. The bell rang and they went too class. Alice sat down. Waiting for the lesson to start so it can end. Zayn walk through the door. He smiled at her. Her lowered her head letting her hair to hide her smile. Through a gap in her hair she seen him sit in the seat next to her. But before he could say anything, the lesson begin. Mr price walk up to the front of the class room. "Carrying on from Friday we are still on the subject of blah blah blah blah and this is how blah blah blah blah." Mr P gave out our graded homework. In big bold writing.


"Alice I have assigned you with Seth for a 'study buddy'" Alice jaw fell open.



"OK, let's just get this over with." Alice said looking around the room, trying to think of how this moment could get any worse. "Yeah, OK" Seth said, getting some paper out of a draw. "So let's start with basics of algebra, so if you blah blah blah blah." His finger ran across the page pointing out X and Y. "Alice? Alice! Listen!" He shouted. She was getting mad. He has no right to shout at me after dumping me! She told her self. "God, you're so stupid! I can't help you and what you have left of a brain if you don't LISTEN!" Alice clenched her hands into fists. Her knuckles when white as she dug her nails into her palms. She heard the thunder from out side, then seen the lighting and the rain. The lighting hit a tree right out side the window. She tried to stop it but he was still shouting. "You're scared of a little thunder and some lighting!" He was bent over laughing gasping for air. She turned and walked out the room slamming the door shut. Once she was out of the door. She ran. She slowed as she came to her dorm room. Flinging the door open. With tears running down her face. She stopped, in the door way. Shutting the door closed she whispered "You found me"

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