Emily and Zoe are huge one direction fans but little does Emily know what's coming her way.


1. Tickets

Another normal Saturday morning, there I lay sweetly under my covers, with only the birds to be heard. Then all of a sudden a loud siren went off and all the calmness that once was disappeared...

It was just my alarm waking my up nice and early for the serious mission of getting One direction tickets. Now for me this was a life and death situation (not literally), I am teenager, at this moment in time I thrive on one direction. Also known as a directioner. But I wasn't just a crazy stalker I loved music, I am an artist myself.


"Mum one direction tickets are on sale" I scream jumping up and down like a looney, excitement began to flood my insides. "Right ill get my purse then"

"Love you mum!" I yell from the other room. This was the start of a long 10 months. I have waited for this moment for 6 months. The tickets were in y reach and with a few click f some buttons it was clear I had got the tickets. The only thing I could think to do was to inform my bestie. "Zoe we are getting ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!"

"What you being serious?"

"Hell yes I'm being serious!" Zoe my best friend who I've known since I was a tot. She is also my one direction buddy.


What seemed like forever the tickets finally arrived and I immediately call Zoe. "ZOE THE TICKETS HAVE ARRIVED"

"right I'm coming over now" she demanded.

"The big question now is what are we going to wear?" Our faces both dropped.

"Time for a little shopping trip?" I happily suggested. Shopping was the perfect answer. We literally spent the whole day in and out of every clothe shop ever seem and heard of by man, I must of spent like £1000 pounds. I was never going to wear all the clothes I brought to the concert.


It was the day of the concert , I was up at the crack of dawn. Zoe invited herself around at 8 in the morning. We were both buzzing with excitement. After having several fangirl moments, we decided to sort out our outfits for tonight. After spending hours in front of the mirror we both finally settled on our outfits. I was wearing a dark green bodycon dress with dark red wedges and a little fabric scarf. Zoe on the other hand was wearing a pleated black skirt and a crop top with knee high socks and high tops. "Are you ready to go?" I shouted through the bathroom door "yeah let's get going". We both raced down the stairs and jumped in the car, too excited to wait.

Half an hour later we arrived at the train station, I look around wondering what to do, as I had only ever once used the train and that was with my parents. But now I was 18 I am slowly but surely getting more independent. Anyway I am with someone well experienced so it shouldn't be that ad, I hope. "um hi how much are tickets to London?" I nervously asked the reception lady. "3 pounds 60" Well that was easier than I expected.

We were finally both settled on to the train and it was time for our team talk. "Right if we meet the boys you have to keep calm"

"your telling me to keep calm if I meet Harry styles"

"well yeah if you go complete fan girl on him he's gunna think your crazy"

"oh yeah".


"Ah omg it's the O2" Zoe pointed out out the window.

"Wow I have always wanted to perform there. It's so big"

"haha and you probably will soon"

"only in my dreams haha".

We make our way into the arena Zoe had a look of excitement and shock on her face I look at her and she looks at me we both giggle. "Only 6 minutes till the guys come out" "I know and we have really good seats". The lights start to dim down, then there was a wave of thousands of girly screams. The guys of one direction then appear on stage. I look at Harry I think hes staring at me then he winks at me.

"Omg em did you see that"

"umm yeah" but what did it mean.

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