five dimensions

In the dimensions, the leaders are worried about carndreds coming out of portals. When reene follows a man eating carndred through a vortex, her and the people she meets try to save the dimensions from the dangers coming from an unknown dimension full of terror.


2. 7 years later

The witches' castle stood alone on a wet grassy hill, it's towers stood high and flapping in the furious wind was the red and black flag of the wizardry school . The grey clouds filled the night sky and the stars were no where to be seen. Renee opened her eyes and rolled over, she couldn't get to sleep, she never could in the school for witches and wizards. She got out of her little broken bed, that she could not be bothered to tell anyone about and looked out the window to the night sky. She sighed, she wanted more than to be cooped up in her school. She wanted an adventure and little did she know she was about to get one a big one that would be remembered through all the dimensions.

A bloodcurdling scream rang out from the floor below and Rene felt a lump in her throat, she froze as she didn’t have a clue what to do. Renee had sudden distressing images in her head, what was the noise? 'It's nothing Renee stop over reacting, someone has probably saw a spider or their spells and potion exam results.' Renee fell back into her bed, ' but It could be a griffin or a henawk, it could be a dragon!'  Turning towards her door and staring at it wandering whether she should go or not, she looked round nervously took a deep breath and suddenly burst into action. She brushed her long dark blond hair and grabbed her wand, broom and cloak she headed towards the old creaky door. Renee felt a rush of excitement with her sweaty palms she made her way down the stairs, with her long black cloak floating behind her.

What made her stop. Was how it looked. It was big, enormous in fact; it was a horrific looking creature with jagged teeth and claws. Its face had deep cuts running through it, it kind of looked as if it had been in a fire, Renee could not look at the disfigured face for too long. It's wounded skin was dark grey and was twice the size of any wizard Renee had seen. Renee had never seen anything like it. It had torn pixie ears, and a large thick tail, with spikes at the end. It stopped what it was doing and turned, looking straight at Renee. She saw the blood running down his chin and her teacher dead on the floor, she gulped. She looked into his eyes, they were black the blackest you could imagine, she saw all the pain, hatred and darkness that filled his mind. He started to make a run for her. Renee called out “raddium helefos”, a simple spell making any object move, a light came crashing down stopping the monster for a few moments. She wasn’t supposed to use magic without a teacher present but under the circumstances she thought it was a necessity. Renee made her move and started to run but couldn’t get very far because the school was chaos. There was screaming, spells and potions coming from every direction. In one corner of the school three wizards, who were in there last year of the school, were creating a large force field and a few others had started to join in. Renee thought there was no point for this as the thing had already got in but had no time to object, as the monster was after her! There was a large roar from were Renee had left the monster, it had got free from the trap. With his eyes turning crimson, he started to sniff around for the young witch’s blood, he had a thirst for. Renee ran into the great hall which she had just noticed,looked completely different in the daytime. The beauty of the moon light on the replica crystals stopped her in her tracks, and for a minute Renee forgot why she had been running in the first place. It all came flooding back as the door slammed behind her. Renee slipped and fell on the floor, accidentally losing her wand. She turned to look at the beast, he slowed down and smiled, the first sign of happiness all night. Behind Renee a rumbling noise became apparent but she was too busy looking at the grey beast in front of her, to worry about what the noise was. The monster started to edge towards her. This is it she thought to herself, it’s the end of my life and I haven’t even seen much yet. It was getting closer and closer she could hear his short raspy breaths; she could see every little scar on his face and she could smell the foul odour coming off of him. She closed her eyes getting ready for what ever the monster wanted to do to her.

The monster fell past her, she didn’t notice until the nauseating smell faded a bit. She looked up shocked and breathed a sigh of relief, then picked herself up, ready to run. Something stopped her, as she turned to face the monster her jaw dropped. Filling the end of the room was a massive swirling vortex of black. The monster was slowly walking towards it hypnotised, Renee being the curious person she is called out “wait” and ran toward the monster and the huge thing coming out of the wall. Young witches and wizards started to look in the massive double doors, not wanting to go any further in case they to were hypnotised by this ordeal, they were gasping in horror as a fellow witch was following a heartless monster into a portal of doom. Some cried out “stop” and teachers cried out “what do you think your doing Renee charmers get back here immediately”. Renee unfortunately had gone too far, she was completely hypnotised and had a such a desire to enter the portal. It was like it was calling to her, enticing her. Her foot connected with something and she tripped, falling hard onto the wooden floor. It was her wand. She felt around for it up. only to find it moved towards the portal. She shook her head, what it is doing she thought to herself. She picked herself up and ran to catch up to it, when it finally stopped it was too late.

Renee was sucked in the portal following the dark beast that had wanted her dead just moments ago. The crowd of witches and wizards fell silent and were traumatised as the black hole shut leaving a quiet atmosphere and an empty room behind.




Morgrissa awoke to a banging on her door, she got up straight away as this could only mean something was very wrong. Morgrissa opened the door to reveal the head mistress of Renee’s school and Morgrissa’s assistant; their faces were white as sheets and the only emotions Morgrissa could pick up on were panic and fear. Morgrissa invited them in and offered them something to drink. In the kitchen she poured the drinks for her guests; she made them slowly looking at her guests through the small gap in the door. She saw her assistant and looked at him, he was very young, he had just left the school Renee is in and she could remember just how much he adored the school. He had dark brown hair, hazel eyes and was considered handsome, he also had a good heart. His name was Rufus and at the moment he was shaking violently; nothing like this had happened before in the dimension of wizardry. Morgrissa came in and set the cups down on the little brown table with some apple and pumpkin biscuits. She took a sip of the sweet drink, (dandelion juice) and broke the silence with a question, “what has happened?”. As It had been silent up to that point, this startled Rufus making him spill his drink all over him. He jumped up quickly and apologized many times; after Morgrissa had cleaned it up she returned to her seat and repeated the question. Rufus and the head mistress gave each other a worried glance and the head mistress started to speak. The words came out quietly at first but then she found her voice and said all that she saw just hours ago ending with “and that poor girl has gone and nobody knows where she went”. While the head mistress was talking Morgrissa studied her carefully, she had never really had a good look at her but knew her name to be Idith. Idith had long hair the colour of ash and had dark brown eyes full of wisdom; she had aged gracefully but had a firm mind and took no trouble from no one. Morgrissa was not too shocked to hear this had happened as Halistar had these monster attacks in his kingdom, they ruined half of the land of the elves known as Salador several years ago. She acted quickly putting on her navy blue cloak and grabbing some essential items. With Rufus and Idith following her she zoomed away on her broom flying into the dark night. The moons reflection in the lake looked back at itself, as the three hooded figures flew through the bare trees arriving at the evacuated school. Jason, Halistar and the count were waiting once again. Morgrissa burst in and she and Idith sat down at the head of the table, with Rufus standing at her side she began to talk. “This has gone too far, we have got to do something before anything else happens.”                    “I agree but what is there to do” Halistar said after a long pause. There was silence for a few moments and after a while the count stood up and said a word. It was only this one little word that filled everyone in the room with dread, Rufus gulped and his stomach felt as if it was full with a million butterflies, the word wouldn't stop swirling round his head. War.

Morgrissa didn’t like the sound of this but knew somewhere in her heart it had to be done. “we knew this would happen but how on earth are we going to beat these things, we don’t even know what they want and where they came from” the head mistress said, which got everybody in the room, except for Rufus and the head mistress of course, thinking of seven years ago when a mysterious girl came and talked about how they could have saved the dimensions. Why didn’t they listen to her? They all thought but none of them said out loud. They all looked a little defeated. The head mistress spoke again “so you do know what these things are.”                                                                                                           Halistar nodded, not wanting to give too much away as Rufus was in the room. Although he was on their side, they could trust no one at this critical point in time. The count had sat back down, he was remembering the girl and the connection they had, and he sighed deeply wishing that he could change what would happen in time to come. Rufus's mind was about to explode with everything that was happening, he was feeling very confused about how little he knew, and then he felt something that is rare to him. Anger. Rufus stood up and stomped towards the door, when he had his hand on the door knob, Morgrissa asked “where are you going Rufus?”. Rufus ignored this and opened it, he took a deep breath, left and slammed it afterward. The breeze sent a shiver down Idith’s spine.

The cold hit Rufus as soon as he stepped outside, he rubbed his hands together to try to get the life and warmth back in them. He cautiously walked down the street not knowing exactly where he was going. Ignoring the calls of Morgrissa, he swished his wand, whispered some words and disappeared.         



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