When zayn left to go audition for X factor he left his best friend (alix) that they have found each other again and have decided to catch up will zayn become jealous when he finds out harry likes her?will she develope feelings for harry? Read to find out.


1. My past

Zayns pov:

Perrie was out at her flat packing the last of her stuff to bring to my house (she was moving in with him). As I was tidying up my room before she got here I found my high school yearbook. When I opened it all of my high school memories flowed back to me. I had left after sophomore year to audition for X factor little did I know that I would become this famous and loose contact with all of my friends. I flipped until I got to the last page of the book and I saw that a whole blank page that had been written on by my best friend Alix. All of are pictures were glued down and as I was reading the lovely paragraph she had written on how much she would miss me while I was gone. As I finished the last sentence I looked at the bottom of the page and read what she wrote:

"Look I know that you are coming back but in case you loose my number I decided I might as well give it to you in case something happens...555-0129"

I had missed her so much. I haven't seen her in 3 years!!!! She was my best friend and I had known her since I was three... I guess that when I left for X factor I broke contact with her because it was just to painful. See the thing is is that she was my first love and I had loved her ever since 7th grade. A few months before I left she started dating my ex guy best friend nate and I guess u could say I got a little jealous when I left i had asked her to come with me but she said no. I got so mad and heart broken that I figured the only way to fix it was to forget about her but I guess that didn't work.

I decided that I should try and contact her i mean after all its been three years.i had heard that her and Nate broke up senior year. When I was just about to call Perrie came home and made dinner... I guess the call would have to wait.

Authors note: hey guys this my first fanfic so I'm not sure if its good...please let me know if u like it. I will update as soon as I can...
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