This is wonderland.... over one hundred years after Alice's visit, things are starting to fall apart in the mystical world that has been abandoned. But, when all seems lost, will one boy be able to flip the tables to save the world that we all love? Inspired by Lewis Carols "Alice in Wonderland" hence forth, it is a fan-fic. This takes place in our century, so theres not going to be any olden-day nonsense or anything :)


1. Introductions

My name is Vincent. I am the youngest in my family. I'm turning thirteen some-day soon and I can't wait. I have a few friends, and I live in Australia. No-body really likes me though, because I don't dress like they do. Where most guys are all caps, and footy gournseys and sports wear and that sorta shit, I wear dark jackets with red and black striped scarves, with black jeans and red converse. Now, before you ask me if I'm a goth or an emo, the answer is no. I just like the style. My best friend is a girl, who has long brown hair, and the most mysterious eyes in the world. Her name is Charlotte. This story starts by a river, where Charlotte and I were hanging out.

"Vince, I need to tell you something." Charlotte said, and turned towards me.

"Yeah?" I respond, and her eyes lower to the ground, where she's tearing at the grass beneath us.

"I.... I have cancer. I've had it for too long, so even if I was to undergo surgery... It wouldn't work. Vincent.... I'm only being given three more weeks to live."

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