Sweet Innocence

He's different. He's not like others. He can do things only seen in movies. And yet, Zayn Malik blends in perfectly. He roams the earth with others, trying to live out a life that has been given to them for eternity. They shouldn't attach themselves to others, but he has broken that rule, and now there are consequences. He must keep moving and forget about her, the one who showed him to love again, Tyler Sullivan. But will he?


1. She's With Me

Tyler's POV:

       As I walk into the club I am hit by a heat wave. Hot bodies grinding against each other on the dance floor, completely focused on the beat of the music. I could feel the vibrations of the music coursing through my body. As I take in my surroundings I'm hit by a strong whiff of alcohol and sweat. The stench hits me stronger than what I expected it too.

      As I move deeper into the crowd the vibrations of the music grow stronger. I can hear people shouting over the music. Carrying on with their conversations as if no one was around. If only they knew that I didn't want to hear about Jamie hooking up with Mike.

     I know right away that this is going to be a long night. I don't even know why I bother coming. I mean I do need to get my mind off things, but this isn't really my thing.

    I pause for a little and watch as a blonde gets up and winks at me. He casually strolls over to me and places his hands on my hips, eyeing my curves. I knew wearing this dress would bring consequences, as it did hug my waist perfectly. I look up into his jade eyes, as I feel his strong hands run up and down my body. I flinch as his hands land on my bum and squeezes it. He chuckles at my discomfort, and I try to push him off. His grip tightens at my attempt.  I wince in pain as I feel his fingers dig into my skin. I look up into his green eyes and watch them turn into a dark shade of gray. I tremble at the sight and desperately fight my way out of his grip. He chuckles at my failed attempt before leaning in pressing hard kisses on my neck and slowly moving to where it meets my jaw.

     I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel a large hand on my wrist. I open my eyes and find a tall mysterious figure, pulling the blonde away from me. He succeeds and pulls me behind him. I tremble as I grip onto the back his leather jacket.

     "What the hell?" the blonde shouts towards the boy who saved me. 

     "She's with me," the boy states engulfing my small hand in his. I feel myself relax in his presence. He turns and leads me away from the blonde not looking back. I hear a chain of incoherent profanities coming from the blonde as we gradually weave our way through the crowd.

      I look up at the mysterious boy who saved me, his height looming over me. Dark brown hair, quiffed, brown eyes displaying confidence, prominent jaw line, truly  beautiful. I look down at our entwined fingers. My gaze lifting up to his rolled up sleeve to find several tattoos.

      He catches me and smirks slightly showing me his perfect teeth. I dip my head feeling my cheeks tingle with heat. He chuckles and continues his way through the club. 

     "I'm Zayn," he says, gaze focusing straight ahead. I follow his gaze and find a table on the far side of the club occupied by four boys, friends of his I'm guessing.

      "I'm Tyler," I say looking at the table, four pairs of eyes now watching our way over.

      "Not a very common name for a girl," Zayn says smiling down at me. I look up and shrug showing that I get that a lot.

      "I'm not a common girl," I say and bite my lip nervously as we near the table. I hear Zayn chuckle. 

       We come up to the table and instantly all eyes fall on me. I feel myself shrink in the presence of these four beautiful boys. They all smile at me and I begin to feel welcomed.

       Zayn flicks his head telling me to take a seat. I oblige taking a seat next to the blonde of the group. His bluer than blue eyes smiling at me. Zayn sits next to me getting looks from his friends.

      "Tyler, these are my friends," Zayn says flicking his head in the direction of the boys. "Niall," he says to the boy next to me. "Louis," pointing to the boy with blue eyes and brown hair. "Harry, " the boy with curly brown hair and piercing greens flashes a smile in my direction. "And Liam," the boy with short brown hair and brown eyes smiles at me. I smile shyly at the boys.

     "Well Tyler, I see Superman here had to go in and rescue you," Louis states motioning towards Zayn with a cheeky smile. I turn to Zayn remembering that I never thanked him.

     "That's right," I say flashing a toothy smile, "Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done."

     "Don't mention it. I'm not fond of seeing girls be mistreated," he states leaning over in his seat lifting his head in my direction ever so slightly. I flinch slightly at the thought of my past experiences. I've never been too good at choosing the right guy.

     The boys seem to notice and right away eyes begin to burn holes into me.

      "Tyler, you okay?" Liam asks me. I dip my head, my hands becoming very interesting at the moment. 

      "Tyler," Harry presses me. I look up at him fighting against the tears. Flashes of past boyfriends pushing, hitting, and yelling at me, play in my head. I keep myself composed, not wanting to bring on the tears to these boys that I have only just met.

       They seem to have read my thoughts, all eyes portraying hurt, sympathy. 

      "Have you been hurt before?" Niall asks me inching a bit closer. I sense the warmth of his body as he places a protective arm around me as tears begin to stream down my face.

     "Hey, it's okay ," Zayn says, his warm hand tracing circles on my back. I relax under his touch and begin to wipe my warm tears. Harry offers a napkin and I take it grateful at his gesture. 

     "Are you still any of those relationships?" Louis asks me from across the table, leaning in over his drink.

    "N-No," is all I can say as I try to relax. Breaths are released as I answer.

     I compose myself not wanting the boys to think that I'm all tears.  I take in deep breaths.

     "It's okay to cry," Louis says. Once again I feel as if they read my mind. Am I that easy to read? The boys seem to chuckle at my puzzled expression.

     "I'm sorry. This is weird," I say straightening my back, "I didn't mean to start tearing up on you... it's just..." I trail off not knowing what else to say. 

     "Don't worry. No need to apologize or to explain," Niall says giving me a warm smile. I return it with a weak one. I have only just met these guys and they seem to actually care for me. Any other would've walked away. 


     A/N: So this is my first movella, but not my first fanfiction. Please then me what you think, and if I should keep going. Thank You.


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