Everything About Us

Jazzy And Her Cousin Liam are spending time together for summer ad with there familys.. Will she go out with her crush Niall ?


1. Chapter 1

BUZZ .. BUZZ as my phone went off like around 8:30 in the morning. i had one eye open i wasnt even wide awake when i had to get up and next thing you know i fall to the ground.. like oww ! i went to put some water on my face so you know i can wake up and i hurridely got to my phone and called back my cousin liam because i missed his call. he answered really quickly by saying HI Mary !

Hola Liam!

he scared me by saying MARY GUESS WHAT!

I Shouted back saying WHAAAAT? I guess i scared him because he said ahh ..

Sorry Liam .. what is it that you want to tell me?

Well.. your mom didnt tell you yet?

ummm maybe but i dont know?

oh okay well its all about me and my family coming to visit you guys


Haha yes i am

-Jumps in crazy formation- Cant wait for you guys to come.. when are you coming ?

By next week..

Ahh Okay!

Yeah well im gonna go eat ill talk to you later bye !



Marys Pov- i cant wait for my cousin to come. i havent seen him nor my family in ages! since 6 maybe 7 years? we were really little the last time we saw each other. im so excited and the weeks almost gone so that means there going to be here in no time.

Liams Pov- Havent seen my cousin in a long time.. cant wait until we get there and best of all my friends are coming a week later to visit us because they live closer to mary. we havent seen each other since i dont know maybe 7 years? well im off to get break fast. im hungry.


-A Few Days Later-

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