Another Side To Me

It is 2077, the world has changed, the future is different, their are the normal people, who live their life normally, while a few have a gift, or known as a burden, their is someone in side of them, like another person. Meet Valerie Rosco, sixteen, an orphan, living on the streets, assumed crazy by people, the other side of her is taking over, and it is not good.


1. Another Side To Me

Valerie walked through the streets of Emplyia, a cold breeze flew across the room. Valerie continued walking down the street, trying to ignore the dirty looks she was given by the people of Emplyia. She kept her head low, and continued walking.

"Look who it is." someone shouted, pointing at her.

"It's the crazy." someone else exclaimed loudly.

Valerie bit her lip, and accidentally bumped into someone. She put her head up, then saw a boy, about her age, or a bit older, with brown wavy hair, and green eyes, so green, it felt like you were looking into a world of green, so pure, and gentle, it made her smile when looking at them.

"Watch where your going." the boy warned.

"Or what." Valerie asked.

Your are so not worth it". the boy answered.

"Aren't I." Valerie dared.

"Your the crazy girl, aren't you." the boy mumbled.

                                                                                                     I am Crazy, heart filled with darkness, and hate.

She shook my head, trying to get the voice to shut up. There was a voice inside her head, a bad voice, telling her to do bad things, to hurt people. First it was just a whisper, now it was someone screaming inside her head, ordering her to do bad stuff, she just wanted it to shut up, and leave her alone in peace.

"Leave Me Alone." Valerie screamed angrily, tears brimming in her eye. She fell on the floor, clenching her hair with her fingers tightly.

"Are you ok." the boy asks with concern.

                                                                                               You don't really care about me, do you.

"Shut up."Valerie scream angrily, tears brimming in her eyes.

                                                                                                                  I will never shut up, I am the other side to you.

"No." she shouts.

                                                                                                       It's True, and every day, I am getting stronger and stronger.

"Stop It." Valerie shouts.

She didn't want a voice in her head, she didn't want to be assumed crazy. There couldn't be another side to her. Could it? No, no way. It was a lie, she was just hearing things.

                                                                                      Believe me, I am real, just as real as you, and their can never be a cure.

Valerie stood up, staring at the boy, who looked at her curiously.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"No." Valerie shouted, running off.

She ran down the street, as fast as she could, with only one thing in her mind, she had to find a cure, and lose the horrid voice in her mind.

What she didn't know was, that there was no cure?

                                                              I Will Never Let You Go

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