Daisy #607

Daisy has a normal life, she's popular, has everything she needs at this point. She pretends to act dumb sometimes so no one figures out her real personality. Inside she's really a smart girl who can figure out anything, but she's not going to tell them that. When she's invited to join the SSST will her real inner self show?


1. My normal Day life

Hi I'm Daisy Portman. A blonde 12 year old girl who lives in a little town called Bignor(ironic how it's Bignor even though it's a small town right?). I got to Bignor high school and live with my mum, dad and evil little sister Jenny. She's always trying to get me into trouble, but I always work out what she's doing and just turn it round so It ends up on her, I'm such a good big sister. Anyway It was a saturday morning and as always my dad took me to the swimming pool for practise. Before I went I found a letter on the table top for me. It read 'Super secret, owner: Daisy Portman'. I opened it and looked at the letter. It said:

"Daisy, this is a letter from the SSST, code name for Super secret spy team. We have heard about how advanced you are in knownledge, this is very rare for a student your age. We would like to offer you a place on our team. You are to tell no one about this but your father. The truth is, he is in it with us. He has brought us all the information we needed about you. Tell your dad ASAP if you accept this challenge. We shall be waiting. 

Sincerely SSST" 

Wow, I thought to myself. They want me to join a super secret spy team? And dad was in it? Why didn't he tell me! He knows I'm smart(well smarter than the kids in my class, compared to them I'm a genius! Not to brag or anything). I know how to solve codes, break into safe's, anything! I'm one of the tomboys from my class. I've never been a girly girl so I never really got to hang out with the girl crowd. It's weird now how I'm the most popular girl in the class....my life is complicated. The only thing I know now, is that I am DEFINITELY joining the SSST. 


So getting on with life, dad was driving me down to the swimming pool when I told him about the letter and how I wanted to join. He rang up the SSST and put me on the phone. I have to meet with them on Thursday after school. So I got to the swimming pool and did a few laps. That's when I saw Jack Harding. He is the hottest guy in my class and I think I've got a crush on him.....He sees me and waves, so do I then continue doing laps. He joined me at the end of the pool when I was resting.

"So you always that fast?" He says sarcastically. 

"Most of the time" I reply laughing.

"Well you seem pretty good" He says charmingly. "Bet I could beat you in a race though"

"Oh really? As if that would happen. It's on" I say confidently.

We race from one end of the pool to another and I won! He was really impressed I could tell, but a bit embarrassed to have been beaten by a girl his age. I smile triumphantly, and he just looks at me. 

"Is their something wrong with my face?" I say annoyed.

"No. It's just you seem.....different, to all the other girls" He says deeply.

"Oh..." I say, blushing. 

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