Sincerely Yours


1. Returning


I remembered Louis. He was my best friend and neighbor from when I was a kid. He always looked out for me and I'll never forget his face when I left for college. But I'll also never forget the look on his face when he first saw me when I got back.

"Bella" He yelled getting out of his car. He ran up to me and gave me a hug, but just as he let go I saw he gaze move over to Nick, my boyfriend.

"Oh, Louis this is Nick, my boyfriend" I said. 

"HI" Said Nick and they shook hands. We went inside where some of my other friends and family were, but it was kind of awkward between Nick Louis and I. I had know Louis long enough to the point where I knew something about Nick was annoying him. I'll talk to him later.......


I sat on my bed that night when everyone had left. Boxes of stuff all around my room. I called up Louis.

"Hey!" I said into the phone. Thats what I liked about him, you could call anytime and he would always answer. No matter what..

"Hey!" He said back.

"So whats your deal with Nick?" I asked

"I dont have a problem with him"

"Louis yes you do now what is it?" I asked

"Seriously nothing!" He said.


"Well I have to go" Said Louis. I hung up. That wasn't like him. Usually he begged me not to hang up. I didn't know what was going on with him. My phone rang, it was Nick.

"Hey babe" He said to me.


I did have a problem with Nick, and that was defiantly a problem. I liked Bella, alot. But that wasn't the only reason I didn't like Nick. Nick was one of those 'bad boys' with the leather jackets. Someone I could defiantly picture selling weed on the corner. And that wasn't like Bella. Bella was like a butterfly wile this Nick was like a bulldog with rabies or something.

The worst part is that I cant do anything about it. If i did, it would ruin our friendship forever and I would never have a chance at dating her. Bella will come around and realize Nick isn't right. I know she will, and all I have to do is wait until that day.   

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