In memory

A poem about World War 1. I was inspired after reading Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Decorum est" and "The Send Off"


1. In Memory

For the last time,

there was silence

and then the sky darkened.

The clouds rolled over,

a violent storm brewing.

Men rushed forward,

unwittingly eager for their death.

The chasm in the centre

opened its mouth,

a monster ready

to claim its victims.

Men scream,

although the sound isn’t heard

over the thunderous booming of guns.

Others tremble as they watch their comrade’s fall.

They didn’t sign up for this.

A green mist descends

upon them.

Boys choke, twitch and  drown.

Their mouths open,

yet not another breath

is gasped.

When this war is over,

these men will

still be haunted.

Villages are nearly empty.

A ghost town.

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