The most cherished book placed in the heart of the middle east, this book that gets cleaned three times a day 21 times a week and is kept in a pure gold plated square box covered with a luxury velvet material wrapped around it and kept locked so it can never be touched until a man or women fully cleans their body and is thriving with cleanliness.
This book can change a life of any human on the planet even the universe it can change it in any shape of form the book that turned a blind man who couldn’t even recognize his family and now can spot an ant from a meters distant the book that changed an old man who could not even talk and walk became able when he opened his mouth all he he would hear his name echo cheers and claps would be running through his ears this book can educate the un educated generation this book is the book of survival.


1. Night mare.


2020 a beginning of a new year in the heart of the American state a new year with the same resolution this time fully accomplished it with measure of skill and manipulation, these people have demolished the whole country and have kept themselves safe they created a nuclear bomb and poisonous gases this all happened to be when I was asleep I don’t know much that’s why I have allot to find, my eyes are crunched my feet frozen my fingers are jammed and my lips are still I have to fight the pain through the power of my will smelling the fuming smoke dead body’s and the chalky smell of the pitch black cave all I could here is creaking footsteps of the rough stoned surface the steps become louder as I could feel it approaching me I try to open my eyes however deep down I feel there is a horror but I could feel my momentum shifting and shuffle my way into a position where I could lay my head on a smoother edge of a surface as I do this I see a extremely powerful vivid light which melts the frozen parts of my body my eyes open I could feel my fingers toes and lips move forcefully I got up and tried to find the bright light that had awaken me from near death experience it vanished and looked very abstract it was light that appeared on a human body it was bursting with light on it I followed every footstep the further I got the more the steps were fading however I found a golden box opposite me but for me to get it would be hard the fact that the two caves have major gaps with a river flowing in between dashing and splashing with cool breezes.


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