You.... love me ??


1. Special tutorial

I ran as fast as I could . I couldn't believe I was late for school .Stupid alarm !! I ran through the streets of London while eating my sandwich . I caught my breath as I walked in my school's building . The halls were all empty .Every one was in class well except me . I walked through the halls and finally arrived to my class room .I slowly opened the door and all the eyes stopped and stared at me .I walked slowly to my seat as miss Lane asked  me  bunch of questions . I got greeted by my friends actually by the whole class.Let me tell you about myself .My name is Abiguel but everyone calls me Abi . I have long brown hair and dark blue eyes . I am the most popular girl in school .I am friend with every one and every one loves me .Expect One guy .LOUIS TOMLINSON .UGH I hate him and he hates me too .I actually have no idea about the reason he hates me .It's just he always teases me and makes fun of me in front of his friends . He is also the most popular guy in school .He has his own group and I have mine. I walked out of the class as it was time for lunch . I walked to the cafeteria but before I had time to walk in ,an arm grabbed me by the waist and turned me to his direction. I sighed as I saw Louis and his friends chuckling and laughing .

"what do you want Louis?"I said angrily

"Someone is in a bad mood"mocked Louis 

"Just leave me alone .I don't have time to listen to your stupid jokes"

"Believe me ,me neither .But Miss Lane told me to give you this paper"

"What is it ?"I said as I took the paper out of his hands

"I don't know .Miss Lane didn't let me read it but I'm sure you failed in math like usual .I mean how can a looser like you pass math?"

What?? NO NOT AGAIN .My mom is gonna kill me .

I sat on a table in the back of the cafeteria as I read slowly miss Lane's letter

Abiguel have failed math bla bla bla bla .Wait ..Unfortunately she will have to come Saturday to school so she can have a special tutorial hopefully to improve her grades .Oh no ,what will everyone say about me?? In this school the most popular people NEVER and I said NEVER have those "special tutorial". I gotta hide this  .No one should know about this specially Louis cause he'll make fun of me and tell everyone else. I quickly hid the letter as  my friend joined me  on the table.





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