You happened

Shade's father is a scientist, the only thing bad about that is he works with human genetics. When Shade finds himself hurtling into a portal he finds in his dad's lab, things get crazy. Shade suddenly finds himself trapped in the future but it isn't the place he dreamed about, with hover cars and robots, its a deadly place where the residents like to play games. These games are deadly, and the only way to win, is to be the last one standing. Allison McHalen is a survivor and one of the last humans on earth, when she gets the chance to end the hell she is living before it even gets started she is all too willing, only she didn't count on falling in love with her prey, Shade himself.


1. Portal to hell

My dad is weird, not like other kid's dads who are just embarrassing, my dad is actually a freak. He believes he can alter human DNA. He is a scientist, or at least he was. He was fired when he tried to experiment with some crazy things, no one felt they could trust him in the lab any more.  Honestly I wouldn't be living with him myself if I didn't have to, my mum died a few years after she divorced his ass. Sometimes I worry about him, he became like he was after my mum died, I knew he loved her but he kept going on about how he could bring her back, and then he started obsessing over me. It was like he was always worried all he had to do was turn his back and he'd find me dead on our carpet, it was then that he lost his mind. At first you could never tell the difference but then it really started showing, like when he tried to inject his boss's daughter with something, claiming it would make her live forever. I didn't really know back then, but I was losing my father, I just didn't know what him losing his mind was going to do to the world...


Everything was quiet in the house, I could probably hear a pin drop if I tried. My dad was somewhere in Manchester for the weekend and wouldn't be back for another two days, I was all alone. It was the first time since my mum died when I was ten, in nine years he had never left me alone, now he had. I wasn't really sure what to do, I wasn't a social person, I preferred to draw more than anything else. Finally I decided I was hungry enough to eat, but on my way to the kitchen something stopped me dead in my tracks. The door to my dad's lab was open, he always locked the door but there is was, a small crack in the doorway that told me it was open. The temptation was so great it was almost a physical pull, I had never seen inside my dad's lab, he always told me I wasn't ready. I slowly reached out my hand and pushed at the wooden door, it opened as equally slowly with a creek, like you see in horror films. Like a frightened animal, I entered the animal and felt my eyes widen at what I found. In the centre of the room there was a metal circular frame held up by a stand, inside the frame it glowed a purple light. I felt drawn to it, like it was calling out to me, begging me to go closer and touch. The call was too strong to resist, I moved forward as though I was in a trance and reached out my hand. When my fingertips touched the light everything around my blurred and my body felt as though it were being pulled apart. However, in a few moments I found myself standing in what looked a destroyed city street, and it was one I recognised. The street I stood on was my own, except it couldn't be. It looked like a bomb had hit the place, abandoned cars were everywhere and the houses looked grey, dull and burned. When I turned around I saw that the light was flickering out, I ran back towards it to no avail. The light was gone before I could touch it again, and I knew, I was stuck here, in this hell. I turned around to look around myself, I could barley make out anything from my memory. Suddenly I was being tackled to the floor, the cold stone hit my head before my body joined it in the collision. Then I was on my back, staring up into the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen, when sense came back I realised that I girl was straddling my hips, she had to be about my age if not a year older. Before I could make sense of anything, she spoke.

"That's not possible, you're human..." 

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