We´re so London, our own style

Three best friends Ellie,Olivia and Hannah moved to London after graduating high school to experience London life. The story begins when one of the girls meet 1/5 of this group of boys




Deciding to start exercising in gym was the best idea ever! I had to persuade myself like for ages, but after going the first time it was great. I went there three times a week after work. This Thursday was no difference. After having some warm up I went straight to the treadmills which are right opposite the boxing corner. While walking to one of the machines I saw him in the mirrors. I couldn’t believe it. He was punching the boxing rack, his hair was wet from sweat. He was so hot! The next thing I see is Harry Styles and some gym trainers leaning over me. I’m lying on the ground. “No, don’t stand up, you fainted” Harry spoke up.When the trainers saw I´m alright they left me with him. “Uh, I’m feeling much better I think I can stand up now”. He helped me up and asked “What happened? Didn’t you overdo it with exercising?” “I think I just need some water and I will be alright, thank you.”

“I’m Harry by the way”. “Nice to meet you Harry, I’m Ellie.” He smiled and I could see his dimples. Aww they are so cute! “Would it be okay if I buy you a coffee in the café around the corner?” He asked with this sparkle in his eyes I couldn’t resist. “Yes that would be fine, but I have to take shower. Can we meet up downstairs like in 20 minutes?”

Holy crap! I’m drinking cappuccino with member of One Direction! I would never even think about it! “So Ellie tell me something about you” he took a sip of his orange juice and smiled. “Well I’m an intern in Elle, I’m not from London. I moved here after graduating high school with my best friends and I’m going to college here.” I took a sip of my coffee and said “So Harry tell me something about you. Something I haven’t read in news.” I laughed and he smiled. Suddenly his phone beeped and he apologised for it, but when he saw the text he bursted out laughing. “What’s so funny if I may ask” I smiled almost laughed because his laughter was really catchy. Then he showed me the text:

From: Zayn

Hey Hazz! Who is that girl you’re with? She’s hot!

I started to laugh and gave him his phone back. He texted Zayn back and put his phone on the table. “Where were we? Oh right I was about to tell you something about myself” his phone buzzed now. ”So as you know I’m in a band. I’m nineteen and my hair is curly” I started laughing and I spit my coffee on the table. After I wiped the coffee off the table I looked at Harry and he was looking at his phone. ”Well apparently the paps saw us and made us the new couple of the year.” I laughed. “That’s nice, but I think I have to say no. It’s silly but I didn’t call the dibs” we started laughing. Oh he is so funny, damn you Hannah!

“How old are you?” he asked all out of sudden. “I’m 20. Had my birthday two months ago.” “Well you grown up, you should come to our afterparty, and bring your friends.” Whaaat? Did I hear right? He invited me to his party! “I have to ask them if they’re free, but it should work.” I took his phone and typed my number. “Text me the details. I’m sorry I have to go now, my friends are waiting at home we are having dinner. It was really nice meeting you. Thank you for the coffee and for the saving at the gym.” I smiled at him and….he hugged me! Wow didn’t expect that! “It was nice meeting you too Ellie, and I hope that you will come to the party!” he gave me his “serious” look, I took my things and left the coffee. What just happened?!?

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