The Diary of reality and boring peace

scarlet abigail johnson writes about her lonliness and hatred of her future becoming the same as everyone else. this is just a few on her life shortened down not the reall novel as i am still writing to expand it


1. 19th june 2051



Peace, love and laughter. Why do these words haunt me so? They talk of everyone being the same and everyone being as one, so why do I feel different? My emotions, full of jealousy of other people. They love, even devote themselves to one another; it is as common as a fish in the Pacific. It makes me feel sick. How can I ever feel living in this world is going to be helpful to me when I feel rebellious?  The white boring tall walls mocking me, surronding me, watching me as if i am an ant that is purposley being stepped on just so i can feel pain and the sense of feeling lonely and trapped, as trappped as a monkey in a cage.

Maybe it’s because I’m jealous. Maybe I’m just lonely.but why should I be. The glass walls that minimilise our privacy so we can be watched from a far. No one else writes diaries/letters to their imaginary friend; Markwhy cant people see, love is tedious and decitful and disqusting not to mention the new design that surrounds me who thought of the purity of white this world is less pure and blessed and christ like than my cynical mouth? It’s tedious. Its forever light here Mark the light attempts to inncinerate my negativity.I will never surrender.

I must not be the only one who feels this way. There are rumours of people, who fight for a leader. There hasn’t been a leader in any part of this world since the fall of the great monarchy of Unite World; there hasn’t been a leader since everyone’s brains were made to ‘join. ‘when the hybrid brain was created, where one cell of everyone’s brain in the whole world (over the age of 18) were brought to one lab and connected so everyone could be controlled to think the same thing, the rumours must be false then. No adults can, they wouldn’t rebel. Their all being controlled by lexis, oh I see, there the only leaders of this world, TALK ABOUT PEACE! More like involuntary, oblivious slavery. Well not me, Scarlet Abigail Johnson the only rebel of peacenzia, the world has ever had.They talk about peace, freedom of speech when we cannot fight or argue, how I am supposed to cope. Wait am I not supposed to be happy? A dictatorship is strong, why do I not like this? Becasue I’m not taking control. I want to. That’s never going to happen.back to a love ruling earth Love makes me vomit.

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