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Violet Rashthed, a beautiful, bright girl, moves into a new town. The town is dark and mysterious, and full of secrets. But then she meets the dark and mysterious Zayn Malik. Zayn always flirts with her, even if it's just to bug her. One day, Zayn shows up at her house, with a gash on his forehead. She helps him clean up. After that moment, they begin realizing how much they cared for each other. Violet goes through pain, suffering, heartbreak, and thrill. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love with a werewolf.


4. What are you?

Chapter 4 

The next few days Zayn avoided me. I tried to talk to him, but it seemed as if once I spoke to him, I would immediately turn away and not speak to him again. 

It was like I was under a spell.

In algebra, I turn to him, his feet propped on the table. 


He turns towards me, then I immediately get thoughts like, 
'Turn away' or 'Stop talking to him'. 

I was about to turn around, but then I shake my head, squinting my eyes.

"Why do you keep doing that?"

"Doing what?" That was the first time he had spoken to me. 

His expression stays neutral.

"Getting into my thoughts and jumbling them all up." I say, making a gesture around my head. 

"I don't know what you're talking about."

I sigh. "Sure you don't."

It was Friday, so Willa, Alex, and I were going to see Safe Haven. 

After school I walk into my closet, taking out all of my cute clothes. 

I decided on ripped, high waisted denim shorts, with a red lace corset, with a denim jacket. I put on red heels with it, grabbing my phone and heading out. 

"Mom! I'm going out with some friends!"


"Willa and Alex!"

"Okay, have fun!"

I hop in the Beetle, and head to the movie theater. 

I meet Willa and Alex outside of it. Willa was also wearing high waisted shorts, with a Beatles crop top. Alex was wearing shorts so short, her butt was hanging out. Then she had a OBEY tank top on. 

"Shall we?" I ask, stepping towards the counter. 

"We shall." Willa laughs. 

Once we have the tickets and popcorn, we sit down. 

The movie was great, just a little slow. 

"Bye guys! Thanks for taking me!" I shout. 

Alex just nods. 

"No problem! See you later Violet!" Willa shouts.

I walk back to my car, and I realized how far away I had parked from the theater. The parking lot had been almost full, now it's almost empty. 

My car is parked right in front of a bunch of trees, almost like a forrest. 

It was dark out, which made me shudder. I look into the forrest and I see a pair of eyes. 

Not human eyes, scary, yellow eyes. I almost scream, slapping a hand over my mouth. Then, it steps out from behind the trees.

I gasp as a giant wolf comes into view. Not the wolves you see in movies, like a giant wolf. It had to be as tall as my car on all four legs. Not that my Beetle was big, but still. 

I stand there, frozen from fright. I was standing right next to my Beetle, but I was too scared to move. 

The wolf creeps closer, growling. 

I let out a whimper as it gets nothing but four feet in front of me.

Just then, I hear a load growl as something walks up from behind me.

I shakily turn my head towards the arriving figure.

I let out another whimper. I was shaking so badly, I could tell I was about to collapse. 

The wolf next to me glances in my direction and I gasp as I look at the eyes.

They were darker than the night sky.

"W-what?" I stumble.

The wolf just looks away from me and steps closer to the yellow-eyed wolf, growling and bearing its teeth. 

The yellow eyed wolf growls back and backs up towards the Forrest. And with out a glance back, runs into the Forrest at full speed. 

I turn my shaky body towards the remaining wolf.

He's staring at the Forrest, almost deep in thought. 

What the hell was going on?

It finally turns towards me. 

I back up and am met with my car.

I gulp. 

"Violet." It growls.

I let out a scream.

What the hell?

"H-how, what the h-hell is g-going on? W-who are y-you?" I stutter. 

Then, in a split second, the wolf's figure changes, becoming more human-like. 

"What the hell? Oh my God!" I screech.

"Violet," he says in a husky British accent. 

He steps closer to me, and I try to back up, but I am, again met with my car. 

"Are you afraid?" He asks, his body pressed to mine.

"I-I don't know." I say truthfully.

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. "Do you know what I am?"

"You-you're a werew-werewolf?" I ask, frightened out of my pants.

"You were always so clever. And beautiful. And innocent. Lets see if I can take away your innocence." He growls, before forcefully pressing his lips to mine.

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