Stole My Heart (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This is the story my best friends, Abigail and Sydney, originally created on Wattpad, but I decided to take it a step further and make it a Movellas story. Our Wattpad's are
Mine: EJaneA22 Abbey: OnlyMe13 Sydney: fireflytail Joined: TheThreeLoserAmigas

Here's what it's about: Three small town best friends never expected they'd ever meet their idols from One Direction, let alone steal their hearts... But it's not what they expected it to be either. The wrong boys are falling for the wrong girls, when they get stranded in the girls small town of Hillsdale, after their bus broke down. Follow Ariana, Sydney, and Albany as they go on a roller coaster ride with Liam, Louis, and Niall of One Direction.

Also note: Going to apologize ahead of time, this is probably going to be one of the most cliché fan fictions you'll ever read and you will get MAJOR feels. Hope you enjoy our original story and please vote and comment!


1. Bus Break Down

Liam's P.O.V

The sun was shining brightly outside over the rolling cow pastures. I was playing a nonsense card game with Niall on the cushy pull-out couch. Zayn was fixing his hair while gazing intently into the bathroom mirror. Louis was arm-wrestling a pink-faced Harry at the kitchen table.

I looked over at the table when I heard Harry yelp and his arm slam against the table. Louis jumped up in victory with a huge grin on his face.

"Ha! Five times in a row!" Louis yelled, bowing with a flourish.

"Oh shut up Louis!" Harry growled, digging into the fridge and pulling out a Coke.

"Hey, throw me a water will ya?" I asked. Harry did so and I caught it and opened it.

"Oh, Harry. Don't be such a bad sport!" Louis teased, giving Harry a noogie.

"Okay," Niall said intimidatingly, throwing his cards down. "I'll arm wrestle you Louis. Let's see if you can take me." Niall walked over to the table where Louis stood with a challenging smile.

"You look confident, Niall. Are you sure?" Louis retorted.

Niall smirked. "Why would I not be?" I rolled my eyes and drank my water.

They had barely yelled 'Go!' when Louis' arm was pinned with a high-pitched yelp. I almost choked on my water at Louis' face.

Niall did a ridiculous victory dance as Louis 'sobbed' into his arms. Harry laughed smugly. Louis looked up and pointed at Niall.

"Best two out of three!"

Suddenly there was a terrible grinding noise, a loud pop, and the bus rolled to a stop. All smiles disappeared and confused looks took their places. I stood up and walked with the rest of the boys to the front of the bus.

"What's going on?" Zayn asked finally emerging from the bathroom.

"That's what we'd like to know," I replied.

Our manager, Paul, came back with a grave look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked.

"The bus. We have a blown tire and something is wrong with the engine," he said tensely.

"Wonderful," I said sadly. "How far are we from the next town?"

"God only knows. We took a wrong turn about ten miles back and we were headed back that way when it broke down. I haven't seen a house for the last twenty miles," Paul said rubbing his eyes in frustration.

Louis whimpered in despair. Niall cursed under his breath.


"Wait maybe we could call someone!" Harry suggested.

"Oh yeah!" we all harmonized. We dug into our pockets and whipped out our phones.

One by one our determined smiles faded.

"No signal."

"Me either."



"No service."

We all looked at each other with crushed spirits and shoved our useless phones in our pockets.

"So what are we going to do now?" Zayn asked.

"Well... Start walking I guess," Paul said.

"What? But it's like a thousand degrees out there!" Harry complained, the rising heat in the bus suddenly becoming noticeable.

"I agree," I said looking out the bus window.

"Well do you have any other suggestions? I haven't seen another car for about an hour," Paul insisted.

Niall sighed, defeated. "Come on. We might as well start walking if we want to get anywhere by sundown."

We all reluctantly agreed and we exited the bus, Louis grabbing us all some water bottles. God knew we'd need 'em.

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