The siren's call

a poem about a bullied girl .


1. the siren's call

I’ve always wondered who’s she

The sad girl who used to sit under a tree

Trying to escape from the madding crowd

With what they did to her, are they proud?

Under the shade alone she sat

After the plastics called her fat

She’d walk alone and eat alone

And I’d watch her everyday on my way home

Her sad eyes made me wonder more

What was this girl weeping for

And then I heard about the insults and the stares

But I thought she was smart enough not to care

I watched from a distance ,I didn’t interfere

I saw her shed a tear after tear

I wish I had done something to save her from that fate

But when I figured it out, it was too late

They bullied her and made fun

But she kept it a secret and told no one

And those who saw her didn’t talk

And after she was gone they never spoke

Problems at home they all said

But look to what their lies had led

Some spread rumors and some stayed silent

But others had ways that were more violent

So one day the girl decided to let go

And surrender to death’s claw

Her lifeless body started to fall

Long before I heard the sirens call

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