The clues of the bell family

This story is about the bell family.There are 5 kids who are looking for clues to solve the mystery of the bell family light house.


1. The beginning

It all started when the bell family moved into their grandmothers old house. About two weeks later Lucy was taking down some picture on the wall when she came across a letter. " Molly, Dan, Ryan come here. " All of a sudden her brothers and sister ran down the stairs " what is it I was watching wrestling" Ryan shouted. " Well, I just found this letter behind great granny's painting and I can't read what it says."
" Give it here I'll read it " Molly exclaimed.

Dear my fellow family
I know one day you will find this letter and I am glad you have. This letter is the first clue of many. You see this family has had a secret for many years. The old lighthouse in this town has got our family treasure in but the only way to unlock it is to find the key. As well as this letter you will also find the first clue and a key. With each clue there will be a key as all the clues are locked inside something.
Love from
Great granny Mildred

Dan looked inside the envelope and pulled out a price of paper and a key.
" let me read it , let me read it" Lucy shouted. " it says fun and games, and dolls with names, you'll find me were, theres lots of fake hair." They stand there for a while until Ryan finally shouted " well what are we waiting for let's go."
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