My Trip to the Ampitheatre

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 14 Mar 2013
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It's my first trip to the ampitheatre and I'm not sure what to expect. Hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as the other Pompeiians too...


1. My Trip to the Ampitheatre


Dear Diary,

   Today was my first trip to the ampitheatre! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as father said it would be a surprise. My mum and dad had been before, so this was another family outing. As I was going to the ampitheatre for the first time, the whole family went… oh, and the slaves came too. It was quite hot and sunny, like it always is in Pompeii, and as we entered the ampitheatre. It was certainly a… different experience.

   The ampitheatre was huge. It was circular, and there were seats plastered all around it. It was all sloped and looking down at where the main event would take place, I saw a metal gate where two heavily armed men was standing behind. I looked to the opposite side of the area and saw another gate. With a lion roaring behind it. I could easily piece this together. But before I could, father pointed it out to me that the two men were gladiators would fight against the lion for fun. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite expecting that. I twitched at the thought. I also twitched because the seats were quite uncomfortable. Before I knew it, a trumpet sounded and the gates scraped open like a lions teeth gnashing together. Which they were.

   As the gladiators stepped out nervously, the lion bounded out with a look on his face that said: ‘This is too easy.” Part of me was thinking that this was barbaric. The other half of me loved it! The intensity, the drama the adrenaline as the gladiators dived either side as the lion skidded to a halt nearly slamming into the opposite gates. The lion roared which I remember made me jump and I grabbed onto my father’s arm shaken by the scare. My father however was laughing loudly. He kept his eyes fixed on the arena and just tapped my arm, trying to push it away. He uncaringly said that everything was fine, but I didn’t see how! Two men were fighting a lion! How could this end well?

   This went on for a while, as the gladiators were too scared to cross the lion. Everyone was screaming and shouting. People kept screaming as they wanted to see some action, and I was sitting in the ampitheatre quite bored. The Emperor was sitting on a somewhat comfier chair than us on the opposite side of the theatre. As the fight below was going slow, and the sun was beating down on us I noticed the Emperor’s golden laurel wreath glinting in the light. His chair was nice too. It was read velvet with gold stitching on it, as the guards stood beside him heavily armed. This turned my attention back to the gladiators as a grown and roar rose up from the spectators.

   Turns out one of the gladiator has just dodged the lions open mouth. He dived aside scraping his arm on the wall and so he stopped to check it. He took slightly too long and so the lion pounced on him, pushing up against the wall. He cried for help but his colleague stayed clear. I would. The lion dug his claws into the gladiator and I covered my eyes as he screamed a horrible. Scream. The lion then grabbed the gladiator’s head and jerked it to the left. A loud crack sound spread along the theatre as one of the gladiator’s was down.

   The lion began to chew on  the gladiator’s neck, as blood squirted across the dirt and the lion. From behind the gladiator saw sense and took his chance. With a scream he ran up to the lion from behind and plunged his spear into the lion’s back. The lion roared and groaned, and swung his paw round in fury. In one swift movement, the gladiator took a small dagger from his leather belt and stuck it into the lions left lung. The lion roared and screamed as the gladiator turned and ran away. The lion tried to go after him, but slumped on the floor, too tired to move. It was a strange turn of events.

   The gladiator then knelt below where the Emperor was sitting. He took off his helmet and looked up. He had short brown hair and his face was smothered in dirt and sweat. He looked up pleadingly toward the Emperor waiting for the verdict. The Emperor held his thumb up and the gladiator looked relieved.

   I luckily found out that he was allowed to live, as I couldn’t survive much blood and gore. I wasn’t sure what to think of that experience.



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