True Love Starts with Harry

17 Year-Old Melody had a perfect life ever since she was 10 until her mom died in a car accident and her father died of sickness. Later things were changed. Melody almost got hit by a car and the one driving the car was someone who had changed her life and would never let go of her. But then one day...


1. Harry


I stepped outside into the cold misty air as I carefully walked across the street into the cafe."Melody! Nice to see you again! What would you like today?!" "The usual." "Alright go ahead and take a seat as I get you your cappuccino." I sat down on a cold single seat as I waited for my drink to arrive. 30 seconds late I was brought the cappuccino and I stood up, walking out of the store. Once I heard a "DING!!!!!" I was signaled to cross the street. As I crossed the street I could hear a car coming then I heard it stop. The driver stepped out seeing that I was startled. My heart beating quickly and hard. "I am so sorry. I didn't notice that someone was crossing the  street. Did anything get hurt?!" "No. I'm fine. Well I better get going." I continued crossing the street when a warm soft hand was placed right on my cold shoulder. "I never got your name?" "Oh well um it's Melody but some people call me Mel." "Well Mel, my name is Harry." "Whoa whoa whoa. Harry as in Harry Styles?" "Yes." "Well then nice meeting you, Harry. I gotta get going now. Bye!" "Bye!" As his sweet deep British accent rang through my ears as I saved a picture of him in my mind. He had beautiful brown hair with the most amazing curls. Beautiful green eyes that glisten in the light. And my favorite, his beautiful lucious pink lips. That might be the Harry I want. Although I heard that Harry was in a band called "One Direction" but I was never able to listen to their music. I live in a small "House" that my father built before he passed away. Since then I had no one to be with. Not even a mum. As I was walking to the little shed, I heard some shouting coming from a room in the apartment next to my home. I could recognize the voices. It was Mr. and Mrs. Alback. They fight almost every single day. Scratch that. They fight EVERY single day. I sometimes go up to their room and talk to Mrs. Alback whenever Mr. Alback isn't home. Sometimes Mrs. Alback comes down to my shed and brings me food since I sometimes don't have enough material to cook my own food. Plus I'm blind and it's hard to cook when you're blind. As I listened to them fight in between the yelling, I could hear sobs. I then ran into the building and told the from desk that I am here to visit the Mrs. Alback. The front desk believed me and I ran up the stairs not even caring about the elevator. Once I got to level 5 I ran to find room: 507. I quickly knocked on the door and got a respond of; "Who is it?!!" "It's Melody!" "Come in!" I turned the door knob and quietly crept inside. As i walked inside I saw Mrs. Alback back wiping her tears. "Well, I better get going." Mr. Alback grabbed his jacket shoving me slightly as he walked outside the door. I walked over to Mrs.A and sat down next to her on the couch. She explained to me about what happened and soon enough it was time to leave. I checked the time. 12:38. I walked out the door and I could hear Harry? "Harry?!" "Mel!" He ran to me and gave me a hug. "So do you live here in this building?" "No. I live in the small shed next door." I said with shame. But why should I? "Oh. Well hey, do you think I can stay at your "house" for a few nights. It's a bit lonely since all the other boys are back home." Sure just bring anything you want to bring." "Thanks oh um by the way, do you have a T.V.?" "Yes why?" "Well I want to watch some movies." "Sure!" "Meet me down at the lobby!" He replied with a k and soon enough he was down at the lobby saying my name. We walked outside of the building and we carefully walked to the shed since the walkway to it is pretty rough. Once we reached the inside I could hear my cat Link meowing and felt his little paws touch my ankle. "You have a CAT?!" "Yes. Why do you like them?" "I LOVE THEM!!!!! Plus I have one." Then we settled down on the couch as he put in a DVD in the DVD player he brought with him since I don't have one. I could hear the music begin when I recognized it. "LION KING!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this movie!" "Perfect!" Harry and I chuckled. Soon the movie ended and it was 2:30 PM. "I'm gonna go take a shower." "K!" I walked to the bathroom and i shut the door (or so I thought) and took me clothes off and stepped into the shower and turned the water on. Later I was done showering and I turned the water off took a towel and dried meself up. I picked up my clothes and turned around to see 1 pairs of green eyes peeping through the crack. FIRETRUCK! Harry saw me naked! "HARRY!!!!!" As soon as I shouted his name, his green eyes vanished from the crack. Soon we both started dying of laughter. Once I dried meself up I put me clothes on and saw Harry shirtless on the bed. "I thought I needed a short little nap.Wake me up when dinner's ready!" I walked out of the room and started chopping veggies and lettuce and made a salad for 2. I walked into the bedroom and shook Harry to get up. Then he opened his eyes staring back into my beautiful Hazel eyes with me face right in front of his. He then leaned in to kissed me on the lips. My eyes were in shock at first then slowly closed. I then lied down beside him. few seconds later, he pulled away and he put is shirt on as we walked to the small kitchen. 

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