I Know when the World is Shook; the Ground begins to Rumble

This is one of my favorite love poems it's about love and heartbreak, I hope you enjoy! :)


1. ''I Know When the World is Shook''


I weep by the days of a shadow’s mist.

In my humble heart; your beautiful presence is missed.

I count as the nights seem to travel by,

Hours are nothing more but seconds—I wonder why.


“Where couldn’t you be; if you weren’t with me?’’

Therefore my wounds are open so your poison may harm me.

I’ve been missing you lately, so my heart seems to stop;

Of the weights burdened by your name…

My soul begins to drop.


As far as the stars could have been reached by hand, I am always grabbing for you

Though you are in a distance, somehow I still feel close to you.

Sometimes you are very pitiless, no remorse, nor doubt.

I’ve come to think of you as spiteful; shall I be without?


“What is love?’’ What is thou heart’s desire?

When I dream of you, my thoughts sets this world afire.

This is not a question, but only a problem.


We; having to face the unreachable length of loving a person, whom may never love you back.

The sadness only drags you underneath, my feet are stricken by my heavy wings.

Falling to this trembling ground is a strand of fear;

So I know you are for my well-being.


I know the consequences of love, & I know it makes your spirit trembles;

When that person is far, or that person is somewhere near.

Anything that is relatively beautiful, that person resembles.

When that person is gone away, or is really now here

Being a part of a friend, are my tears I’ve shown;

And abandoning my hope—to find a different home.


She weeps by the days, in the blistful mist.

I know when the world is shook, the ground begins to rumble.

You were in the day as normal as it may seem; the earth was still shook—

Now I know it was all but a dream.

As quick as a thief, whom stole my heart, and ran away with my heart…

He left me with nothing my essence began falling apart.


Where wouldn’t you be? Farewell my beam; my passionate disturbance.

You’ve disturbed my insecurities & hard felt emotions.

So now I cry you mass tears, as deep as the oceans.

Hearts as dark as the abysses, why my mind is in a well

When will this pain end—no one could ever tell.


We all know when the world is shook, the ground begins to rumble

And he earth’s soil begins separating apart.

Everyone looks, disbeliefs in awful looks, the ground shakes;

We cannot balance our feet.

As we fall, unto the cracks of all the buried hearts,

We begin to slip, we begin to get lost in the dark.


We’ve fallen into the clutches of her mist, falling in love, taking huge risks.

Crying these tears, while withstanding this pain we all seem to encounter;

While weeping by the days, for those seconds have been converted into hours.


She has a passion for love, for him who cannot love her back.

She only wishes for him to love her back. When the earth is hurt,

And sudden tears are often hallow;

For she is choking, those painful words are often hard to swallow.


An eternity of echoes, her hell repeats this pain.

The earth has stop shaking;

The ground begins to bleed.


Weeping by the days through your shadow’s mist;

In my broken heart, your effulgence is no longer missed.

I count as the nights still passes me by.

We are now scarred, my love is beginning to die…


“Oh! But wait, I am forever within your debts,

I think this is the only feeling I have left.’’


“For thou art hast done now hurting,

I shall not have to do any more soul searching.’’

By the dawn’s fireplace she weeps;

Still for him to be beside her, if anyone

Shall hear her cries, she’s forever more.


Consisting of a fairytale, “LOVE’’ should ever be.

Love endures one’s pain, if love is only “she”.

When the world was shaken, the ground did rumble.

It left I without myself, I am not the same person before.

This love took all that I was left….


…Loving you to death.


Eunis Woods



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