Don't Leave

This story is about a horse who lives in a shelter and keeps going to different homes but every one ends up abandoning her but one day a girl comes along but youl just have to read now wont you?


1. My History

Hi. My name is Karla and i am a 12.2hh chestnut welsh pony. I have lived a horrible life in the past. I am very happy where I am now but I am willing to tell you my story if you want. it comes.......



It was a stormy treacherous night that I was born. My mother had been picked up by the RSPCA and put in the shelter months and months before I was born. The RSPCA did not know until 3 months before I was due and did everything they could for mother but, alas,she died. I never knew what my mother looked like and never will. Anyway,back to the story. I was born in Sunny Hills Horse Shelter at midnight on one horrible night. No one was around except for the other ponies and horses so mother had to give birth alone. Most foals come out front legs first then head ect. but I came out rather differently. I came out backwards. That was what caused mother's death. So on that horrible night,one life was made, and one was lost.


Now,my first home was rather nice. The kids,Edgar and Samantha, loved playing with me. I was there for several years and I loved it to pieces. That is why when Edgar came out crying and patting me and telling me too run away I was so confused.What's happening Edgar? I thought. He was telling me if I stayed here I would go up for auction and might go to the slaughter house. He stayed with me in my stable that night. He fell asleep between my front hoofs. I understood what I needed to do and in the middle of the night I slipped from his grasp and ran as far as I could. I ran for 10 miles at least. When I finally stopped I saw some other ponies. Well, there were 3 ponies and 1 smaller pony looking quite terrified. The other ponies were picking on him. I got instantly angry and cantered up to them. I stood infont of them and told them to leave him alone. One of them mimicked me so I stamped my hoof,reared and brought my hoofs down on his back. They all galloped away, frightend by my fury.


When I finished waching them leave, I turned to see a small Shetland Pony,no bigger than 10hh I'd say. When he got up I put my nose out to him as a your welcome gesture.



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