Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


1. Beginning

"Leave me alone!!!!" I yelled.

I was in no mood of having visitors. I heard my friends leave my door, and I cursed myself for being so delicate.

High school didn't seem so hard at the start, but I guess life has its surprises. I hugged my knees and felt the tears running down my face. How could high school life be such a mess?

I wished I was just strong. Strong like those popular kids who walked down the hallway without caring what people thought. Honestly, I guess it was pretty much every girl's dream to be part of the popular club.



The next day, I walked to my locker and found almost everyone looking at me as I passed by. What the hell did I do wrong? I realized it must have been because I disappeared yesterday like a ghost. I took a deep breath and opened my locker.


I opened my eyes and found myself covered in goo. Damn it! It must have been one of those tricks again.. That must have been why everyone was staring at me. They must have known about the trick. I didn't know what to do anymore. High school life seemed to be the worst years of my life.

"Don't be so clumsy," I looked up to see Harry Styles snarl at me. He looked at me up and down, obviously this boy was nothing but trouble. A wide grin spread across his face and he spoke again. "If I'm not mistaken your stomach seems to be bulging out of your jumper."  His annoying Ms. Popularity girlfriend laughed at his joke, and soon enough everyone in the corridors started laughing. I looked at him, his eyes were full of teasing and mockery.

I ran away until I came to an empty room. I cried my heart out. I will never forget this day. EVER.



Author's Note; Hey guys sorry for the really lame chapter, but I just wanted to do another Harry Styles fan fiction in honor of my friend who has a huge crush on him. Honestly, I really like Zayn but I planned to make a Zayn fan fiction when I have a really nice idea for it. xx

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