Invisible Thoughts ~Zayn Malik love story <3~

"I never thought I would get to this point. I know a lot of girls feel the same way, they're all obsessed with him, but it felt different. I felt a sparkle when I was around him, it was innocent and I never saw it coming."

Jamie was 5 when she first met him. They played at each others house all the time, but then a tragic accident let to one thing and another and she left. She never thought she would see him again until one day. Read and discover the past Jamie's been trying to bury and the truth she's been missing

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1. Walk Away

 The inside of Hollister was quiet which was rare, but the smell of perfume still lingered in the air. I looked over to the cash register which was empty, weird. "Where do you think everyone is?" I looked over to my boyfriend, Ryan. "Are you sure this place isn't closed?"  He said and looked out into the mall. "Its open, trust me." after I said those words a huge load of screams came from outside the store. "What the hell was that?" Ryan looked to me, "I have no idea" I walked into the mall and walked down until I reached the end of it hopeful to find where the noise was coming from. Sure enough the source of the screams were there. "What's going on?" Ryan came up to my side, "Oh" Right ahead of us was a huge crowd (maybe a thousand) of mostly teen girls standing in front of a small stage. On it was The band One Direction. "Holy Shit" I turned toward Ryan who was rolling his eyes "I'm going to wait in the car." He turned on his heels. "Are you sure?" I looked at him with concern I felt so bad leaving him  but how often do you get the chance to watch One Direction perform Live?! "Yeah I'll be fine" I leaned over and hugged him and gave him a deep kiss. "Thanks Babe" He returned the kiss and walked off. I faced toward the stage and stepped closer into the crowd. "JAMIE!!!!!!!!" I nearly jumped out of my skin. I looked to my side to find my best friend Courtney." OMG! Heyyyyy! What are you doing here???" I wasn't surprised to see her here, she was practically diagnosed with the Direction Infection. "I saw that Liam had tweeted that they were out here, so here I am."

I laughed at her and turned toward the stage again." Come on we have a spot at the front." She pulled me through the crowd giving a ton of apologizes as she pushed people out the way. As we reached the front I noticed a bunch if my others friend at the front, I should have known. After what felt like 15 min. (which turned out to be an hour) the concert or whatever you call it was finally over. I said goodbyes to my friends and Courtney and I went and sat down at the nearest bench. I felt sweaty and gross and deeply wanted to smell like the Hollister store. We sat there for about 10 min. when I felt my phone vibrate. "Hello" It was Ryan, "Yeah I'll be right out." I hung up and slowly stood up. "All right I got to go." I hugged Courtney good bye and started walking when I heard someone call out Hey. Out of instinct I turned around and saw Zayn running toward me. I stopped walking and waited until he caught up. "Hi" He was so much hotter up close. " Hey, This is going to sound strange but I swear I know you from somewhere." I looked at him in surprise. "Well my name is Jamie." He combed his hand through his hair, "Have you ever lived in Bradford, England?" The name struck me as familiar but I couldn't figure out why especially since I was positive I had never lived there. " No, sorry." He seemed so disappointed, "Are you sure" His eyes were insane they were so pure and concerned, "I'm sure" I gave him a slight smile but he looked like a lost puppy. "Ok, Sorry to bother you," I giggled at the thought that Zayn Malik was apologizing to me, ME! "No worries" I smiled and turned away. "Wait." I turned back, "Yeah" He gave him a ripped off piece of paper with a number on it. "Call me if you remember." I blushed and said "I will, bye." I turned and walked away.



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