Help Me I'm Trapped!

A boy named Brandon moves from his home in New York to Utah. In his new school, he has a hard time. H was never really good in school, and needs a tutor. His tutor turns out to be a beautiful girl in his grade. They meet up at Brandon's house, after a few times, events start to unfold (not romantic things... yet!). As life goes on so does school and all, and a happy ever after. :)


1. Moving Out

Brandon woke up from his mother yelling from downstairs, 'Wake up sweetie, we have to get on the road!' Brandon groans as he climbs out of his sleeping bag. The last thing to pack. 'Coming , one second.' Brandon calls down to his mother, half asleep. Bramdon dreaded moving. He has to leave his friends, crush, house, everything. Brandon gets dressed, and runs down the stairs, jumping the last step.' And he lands it!' Brandon jokes. 'Haha, very funny. Now eat up, we have to leave in ten minutes.' his mother says, as she hands him a piece of toast.  'I don't get why we have to move! We love it here, and it's good to grow up ina tough place, so I'll be better in the future.' says Brandon, nodding his head while toast falls out of his mouth. 'Nice try, but we have to for your father's work. You'll understand when your older.'  replies his mother. 'Now come on, we need to leave.' says his mother. 'One second, just five minutes, please?' asks Brandon, with puppy dog eyes and lips. His mother sighs. 'Fine but hurry fast, take your bike.' 'I will! Promise.' says Brandon as he runs out the garage door and grabs his bike. Making sure his note is in note is in his pocket, he jumps on his bike and pedals out the garage. He stops in front of his crush's house. With a breath of confidence, he outs the note in the  mailbox. He gets back o his bike and rides home.




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