i think i love you

michelle has been his friend for ever like inseperable when the other 1d boys join ther friendship people get jelous, broken hearted, hurt, and evan killed.


1. flashback



michelle pov


ther i stood on the edge of the train tracks a train was coming i couldnt take the pressure, he found someone new, my mom hated me, my best friend died in a car crash i had no one  nothing i just wanted that train run me over and then mabey id be free of the pain. the bright train lights got closer and closer i could hear the tracks moving closer i leaned foward about to fall in its path when two hands pulled me away, saved me from the biggest mistake of my life i didnt want to die, i need to stay alive that boy was harry styles and im proud to call him my best friend if i lost him id hav nothing. hes my world.

   *****end of flashback*****

"MICHELLE?!?!?!" sreamed harry "oh sorry i was just thinking" i said "about what?" "tht day you saved my life" i knew i could be open with my feeling andthoughts with him becuase he didnt care he was open with me anyway. "oh yeah i remeber that day" "like it was yesterday?" "yup" "ill never be able to repay you for that" "you already hav " "with what?" "friendship duhhhhh" "true" we were having a sleepover and playing board games. having sleepovers was no big deal for the two of us we didnt do anything freaky like that we were friends we acted like two girls would on a sleepover or two guys ya know we were friends. "can i straighten your hair?" i asked harry "mabey another time im going to bed now" "ok goodnight" "arent you comeing to sleep" "nah i wanna watch this show ill be up later" "ok" sometimes people thought we were a couple sometimes i wanted to be his girlfriend but that all changed when he went into this band called one direction. thats when i met niall. i know niall is perfect for me just by the way i get butterflies in my tummy when near him i really like him but could never tell harry that because he might tell him or accedentally tell him and i would die of embarressment if he found out. hed probaly hate me or worse laugh at the idea of me being anything but a friend to him. 

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