hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


1. Me,Perrie,And Aria

Hey,My name is Bre. Bre Edwards,To be exact. I am sisters with,dumber than dumb,music sensation Perrie Edwards.Shes in that dumb band Little mix.And shes dating that idiot Zayn Malik. God I hate him. Hes in that gay band One Direction. Whatever,I have blond hair,green eyes,im slim,but not food depravation slim,just your average run-of-the-mill normal slim.I have one friend. I know your thinking,WHAT. Aria. Shes the bestest friend i could have. She has Brown hair. Its a little curly and always in a pony tail. I have wavy hair. Aria has greenish-brownish eyes. Back to me now. When I say sisters with Perrie,I mean TWIN sisters. And when I say twins,I mean identical twins.

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