my therapy!

this poem is about what gets me through tough times!

my friend inspired me to write this poem, and if it wasn't for her; i wouldn't of found my therapy :)

so my poem is dedicated to her!


1. my therapy!!!


  when reality becomes unbearable,  it drifts me off into an unknown fantasy,      when you tear me apart, it vacates you from my mind,      when... when... when i want to give up... when you make me feel worthless... when you make me think 'whats the point',   i know i count on it to understand my feelings,     it holds every nook and cranny of my wounded sanity, it holds my true feelings, it holds the truth!    when you send me down to hell, it rises me up to heaven!    it does not completely rescue the emotional wreck that has awoken, but it does enough to keep me sane,   its words are an enchantment, it is  music!!!           
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