Head in the clouds

When Catlin Johnson wakes up in heaven after an unfortunate accident on earth she doesn't know where to go, who to turn to and is very confused. After a while she realises that everything is fine and she takes exams to earn her wings and become a gaurdian of a little girl in england. But nothing is as easy as it seems...


1. The gate

The cloud is light and soft when I try to pick it up. I don't quite know why i'm here, what to do or where to go. I vaguely remember being in a white hospital room about two minutes ago before opening my eyes and finding myself on this cloud. I stand up, get my balance and adjust my eyes to the brightness. I'm in a cream, pretty toga with a golden, plaited rope around my blonde hair and forehead. I am barefooted but you can't really tell because of the long dress I've got on. 

"Em...Hello, could you maybe tell me why I'm here, please." A gentle voice whispers behind me. I turn around to find a girl about my age, thirteen or fourteen, smiling at me.                

 "Hello," I say.  "I am sorry but I thought that maybe you would know the answer to that question."                                                                                                                           

"Oh," the girl whispers again. She is very quiet and polite and has tanned skin with dark brown, wavy hair.                                                                                                                         

"I'm Catlin, and you?"                                                                                                           

 "Rosie," she smiles.

After half an hour of walking on the soft cloud, and with nobody in sight, we find a massive golden gate with beautiful carved flowers and swirls on the top. And for miles to both sides of it is a silver fence, I can't see the end of it, it just seems to carry on forever. It also has a very little building on our side of the gate, a bit like a sought of box office.  I look at Rosie as she starts to walk up to it, I follow.  When we reached the gate it was higher than I thought, like when you look up a very tall building and you think it's going to fall down on you. The little booth on the side of it only stands two metres of the ground and is very narrow with sparkling glass windows. Nobody is inside it.                                                        

"What do we do now?" I sigh. "Look here, at this gold bell." I rush to where Rosie is, at a small desk with no window. I stare at Rosie, waiting for her to ring it. She carefully picks it up and shakes it side to side. The bell echoes of the cloud and vibrates some of the bars on the gate.

Suddenly a strange looking man appears in the box office, he has round, black glasses and very light red hair. In his hands is an extremely long cream, list, he is writing on it with a feathered quilt. The man is about about twenty years old with a toga on like Rosie and I.      

After a minute or two, with nobody talking, just the scratching of the pen is heard, I realise that he has a minature pair of bronze wings on his back that occasionally waft side to side.  They have many smooth feathers on them and are pointy at the top.                           

  "Rosie?" I nudge her with my elbow, "is he an angel?" I whisper. Rosie frowns at me, the man carries on writing. "He has wings, look." Rosie discretely positions herself where she can see his back. She nods at me, "I think he might be Catlin."                                                    

I cough so that the angel would look up from writing, I don't really understand how he hasn't noticed us yet. I think he might know that we are here but just hasn't acknowledged it.           

"Welcome," he exlaims at last putting down his scroll, "to heaven. Please sign here and h..."

 "Heaven!" I scream, "you mean to say that we just died!"                                                          

"I am afraid so, as did I two years ago," he smiles awkwardly. I don't know what to do, weather to scream or cry, or maybe even be happy. My family will be down on earth crying in my hospital room, all my friends won't even know yet! All those things I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I could have lived another seventy years! I'm not ready to be an angel, it sounds boring to fly around singing hymns all day and playing the harp! When I could be skiing, going on holiday, chilling with friends, and watching my favourite movies! All the normal things thirteen year olds would be doing. I am fuming. "I'm sure it won't be that bad," Rosie puts her hand on my shoulder. "No, it's really not, I love it in heaven, no worries or cares. And I just earned my first wings!" The angel at the desk beams.

I sigh and wright my name on the bottom of the certificate. 'Catlin Johnson' it says. Rosie signs her's and with one click of the angels fingers the two papers dissapear.            

"Okay, let me ask you a few questions." He says unravelling the scroll. "First your age, name and how you, shall we say...came here."                                                                                   

"Rosie Tweedy, thirteen, and pneumonia is how I died." Rosie says quietly, and waits for the angel to jot it all down. "Okay, thanks, and you?" He smiles at me.                                        

"Catlin Johnson, thirteen, car crash. I have a question for you, why do we have to do this?"                                                                                                                                              

"Ah yes, I get that a lot. We have to make sure that you are who you say, not an imposter. And so we can decide weather you go to heaven or... down there," he points to a flight of red stairs going down to a brown, muddy land and lava boiling out of a volcano in the distance. Hell. "Oh," I utter, "do we get to go to heaven?" I say hopefully.                       

 "Hang on a minute," he disappears just like that, probably to the queen, if there is one.          

"I hope we do get to go to heaven, I really don't want to go to... you know... down there," Rosie stares down the stairs on the other side of the box office. "We probably will, I mean... Why wouldn't we?" Rosie shrugs.

"Right then!" The angel appears, I jump back and let out a little gasp. "Let's open 'em up!"      

Rosie and I exchange smiles as the angel hovers over to the gates and with one touch of his hand, they open. "Come on," he shouts over to us. We run over and thank the angel.            

"Oh and one more thing," he walks over to two white unicorns, their mane's golden and well brushed. "Ah wow!" Rosie and I leap onto their backs, they're tame and very friendly. "This is Daisy and Lily, they will ride you along this golden path to heaven. I will see you shortly. Goodbye."

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