Inferno Soul

A troubled teen named Melody struggles to find her inner self on a life changing quest regarding her true identity after her parents tragic death. Misfortune and disaster follows the girl everywhere she goes making it hard for her to trust anyone she comes in contact with. She learns of the horrible secrets and deception that has clouded her judgment for many years that her family kept dormant; now as the girl starts to realize everything is not what it seems to be her life is filled with hatred, anger, sadness & doubt. Will Melody find peace not only within herself, but in the world surrounding her?

....Sometimes you take destiny into you own hands, and determine your own fate...


12. The Darkness

Chapter 12: The Darkness


[Jason’s P.O.V.]


--So that’s who they were talking about, she is gorgeous. Jason laid in his bed, flipping through different channels. She will be an easy enough target. He smirked while thinking to himself.



When Jason first saw Melody, everything in his will power halted him from wanting to hurt her. He was born just for that specific reason. How can I defy my instincts, my duty? My duty is to stop her. He kicked his dirty cleats along with the rest of his dirty shoes piled under the foot of his bed.



They said it may also take a little longer than it might appear to complete my mission. I am tired of being the backup plan for everything in my life, but I guess I really don’t have any other choice.



[Someone knocks quietly on the door.]


Jason gets up to open his room door. He hears a loud shriek.


“Aargh!!! That little bitch!!” Mariah barges into Jason’s room and paces in frustration.


“Who Mariah?’’ Jason already has a feeling on who his sister is talking about.


“Samelle! I hate her, I hate her, I hate herrr! I just wish she’d go away. She like totally betrayed us Jason, and you know it!’’ She really grinds my gears Jase’!’’ “I mean what does she have against me—other than I’m prettier, funnier, wealthier, and smarter than her?’’


Jason folded his arms across his chest, clearly annoyed and uninterested in what she had to say.


“Mariah, don’t you have girlfriends to talk too?’’ “I have my own issues to worry about—your concern is nothing to be concerned about.” He turns away from her sharply.


Mariah knocked down his football trophy, tempting him. “I know what YOU are worried about, thrusting her finger into his chest. “You are stuck on that new girl, Melody.” “Well you know you can’t help that—even though you are inevitably meant to destroy her.” “You see what happened to father right, so if you don’t want the same fate you better do as you’re told.”


“GET OUT NOW MARIAH!” He shoved her out of his room, and slammed his door. Picking up his trophy off of the cluttered ground as he cursed. She always throws father in my face, like he’s ever been here for us. He mockingly hissed underneath his breath, “Daddy’s little bitch…”


Mariah screamed from the living room, “I heard that!’’


Mariah could read other people’s thoughts, and she had very good eavesdropping skills. She made me sick with that crap. I felt like no thought was private when it came to my sister, so I built memory blocks within my mind. I tried to only let her see what I wanted her to see. Sometimes if she had enough energy, she could tell you what your last week’s dream consisted of—now come on, I can’t even remember half of my dreams prior to the latest night.


That is why she also barged into my room, to gather up my thoughts. I know Mariah is extremely intelligent, and she thinks I don’t know she reads my thoughts; but I do. Mariah will gather the tiniest piece of dirt on you, and use it to her advantage. She wasn’t a head on attacker, she loved to strike when you least expected—always playing her little mind games.


I hated I had to live this type of life. It was the dark life. My sister and I were sort of born into the demonic pleasures of the world. The hurt, and the anger we craved for madness. We hungered for chaos, but there is also another part that is in us, that the others forbid us to talk about. It’s called the voice. This voice speaks of a conscious, I attained it. I attained my conscious at eleven, and ever since then I have been making my own choices. I created a freewill loop. Of course Mariah doesn’t know about it, she likes to deceive and manipulate others. I will not let her use my own mind against me. What do you believe happened between Samelle and her?


This life turns your soul into darkness, making sure you will certainly die before any light enters.


I rustled through my drawer, looking for it. I believed it to be my mother’s photo. It was sort of an antique. I regained my conscious through the love for her. She was simply beautiful, and Mariah was nothing like her.


I found it, underneath loads of shirts. I think I saw her once, back in the 1800’s. Dad never talked about her much. I figured he wanted to let that good of him wither off with the rest of his compassion. I thought about going away, leaving this place behind. But I know I’ll always be afraid to be alone. All I have is a father who dishes commands, and who is never around to see them through. I also have a bitchy, pushy, manipulative big sister who invades what little privacy anyone could have. And lastly, a rugged, old picture of the woman I believe to be my mother.


I was trapped in this perilous illusion. I was only waiting on my death date. For centuries I have pretended to be other people, and live different lives. I learned that everything I was ever told was all lies. I was forced to hate, and destroy innocent souls for my own father’s vengeance. The truth is, my little family and I dwelled in purgatory. We were the cursed ones tormenting everyone else. I was basically exhausted—I felt my life had no meaning. But this girl, Melody—she made me see my life in a whole new perspective. She made me realize life was beautiful, though we sometimes viewed it in different angles.


I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to rip Melody’s beating heart right out of her chest when I first laid eyes on her. She is worth the kill. Her blood rushing out, as she lay soulless in my arms. I hated that evil, the taste for innocent blood. The purer the soul was, the better the blood tasted. You could really taste it in a person’s blood if they were truly vile or not. I mean it would rotten your appetite—you probably would eat them, but you wouldn’t enjoy it.


As I looked at Melody, I noticed her sorrow. It only made me want to drink her dry even more. It is such a sad little pain that resides within us, and our solitary hearts. I wanted her, I wanted her for my own little selfish reasons. No one could have her, not even him that stalked her. I dare not speak of his name—I do not wish to call upon him.


~ [Few weeks later] ~


The bell buzzed for first period.

I intentionally bumped into Melody on purpose. I watched as she stumbled a bit, and all of her books fell right out of her arms. She moved her hair back, that she had let down out of her face; kneeling down to gather her studies.


“Oh, excuse me I didn’t see you—I am sorry, let me help you with your things.”


Melody sighed,--“No it’s okay, and it’s just me I am a klutz.”


I insisted. “No, I got it, it’s the proper thing to do.” I extended my hand out, “Hello my name is Jason, sorry about this little incident.”


Melody looked up at me, blushing a little. “Well this is like the second month of school you know.’’


“Why of course, we have all seven classes together, and you don’t speak not one word to me.”


I waited for her reaction. She quickly responded, “Well, we both are busy with our assignments and we can’t get dis—.’’


~ [A rude entrance] ~


“Hey Mel, what’s up?!! I have not seen you all day!’’


Samelle interrupted us so rudely, breaking right into our conversation—giving Melody a hug.

I scolded Samelle, she knew exactly what she was doing. I waved goodbye to Melody and headed for second period. Samelle wasn’t going to be able to protect Melody the whole day. I was going to get to class extra early since I had an important goal to accomplish.


Brent caught up with me in the crowded hallway. Waving both arms in the air. He is what we called a “filler.’’  A filler is a person who sticks around, and do other things that a supernatural force like myself, requests. With Mariah, its Terri, and besides a filler makes us look normal. They are in fact everywhere you turn, filling up space. We are not supposed to harm our fillers, but they are pretty hard to resist because they never leave you alone. Fillers are our puppies, therefore forever loyal they shall remain—‘til the end of their days. Brent appeared to me my best bud in school, but in reality we never hung around each other ever. In fact I could care less if he lived or died. Actually, I craved his blood as well. He was so innocent and gullible. Everything I told Brent to do, he completed. See with humans, if you train them right—there isn’t anything they won’t do for you.



“Hey man what’s up?!” “You missed practice yesterday where were you dude?’’


“Running some errands, I slipped up man but I’ll be there after school today.”


Brent nodded his head later, and disappeared into the stock. I rarely hunted at the school I attended. Because if I started a feast like that, every single faculty member and student would disappear.


“Hungry are you?’’ Mariah appeared out of thin air with a sly grin on her face.


Yelling out at her, she then knew I was upset. “I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t do that!”


Walking into Spanish class I muttered under my breath. Miss Fernandez greeted, “Hola Jason, estás muy temprano. Por favor, tome asiento.'' I put up a fake smile, grabbing the textbook from under my desk. I was only early today for one reason, to get under Melody’s skin.


The bell rang, and it still seemed I waited and waited for her—but she was delayed. Everyone who tried to sit next to me, I compelled to stay away; making her seat permanent next to mines no matter what.


~ [Later on in class] ~


She still didn’t come to class, I wonder where she’d gone it was unlikely of her to skip out on class. The bell sounded, alarming all of the students. It was time for us to go to the next class. Everyone immediately started packing their items, hurrying to get out of their seats.


Miss Fernandez rambled on and on about our Spanish project.


-“So be prepared ninos manana por la manana. When you all come to class there will be assigned partners for each of you. Adios.”

She was a very lovely teacher but she was just a tad bit too pushy. I didn’t very much like pushy people, I had enough of that already. As I scoped out the hallway, I see a pink shirt and black hair running through the students. She looked like something had really upset her.


I followed her, trying to figure out what was the cause of her breakdown. As I went into first floor’s quarters, I noticed a small opening under the stairs. I could hear her weeping loudly, as her heart rate increased rapidly. This didn’t sound like a normal human’s heartbeat.


Through the corner I stare at her, as she is holding her head down rocking back and forth on a large box. Her arms wrapped around her legs. I startled her on purpose as I made my entrance towards her.

[She Gasps] Indistinctively, and trembling she cries, “Whoever you are, go away—please.” She sniffles, and wipes her nose.


I saw it was my cue to talk.


“It’s me Melody, Jason-- I just came to check on you to make sure everything is okay.”


“Well why do you care, you don’t even know me.”


The innocent voice that was within her earlier hid into the depths of her soul. This voice was strong, and vengeful.  I almost didn’t recognize her.


“I know enough about you, I know enough about you to tell something is bothering you.”


Melody eyes glared up, showing beautiful violet eyes that impaled my heart. I was in awe, but I didn’t say anything. She looked even more beautiful to me. So it really was her. The daughter of The Fallen. I walked over to her so I could comfort her hurting spirit; but she quickly turned away.


“I don’t need you,’’ she wailed. “I just need my mama, that’s all I want.’’


He was near her. He had to be near her for her to be getting so powerful. Time was winding down, and I know I had to accomplish my goal. I kneeled down, to lift her aching body up, and sped out of the school. One of my talents was speed. And I could run so fast, a human’s naked eye wouldn’t be able to hear me or see me. I have ran across the world a hundred times in my lifetime. But every time I make my rounds, when I am in doubt or sad there is always something new to see.


I took her to my house, and laid her on the sofa. I gently covered her with a blanket, as her body began to rest. She fell into a deep sleep while I watched her take little breaths. I wondered what she dreamt about, and was she at peace.


I was in a daze, staring at her radiance, even as she slept. But the sweet beautiful smell of her blood aroused me. I wanted to touch and kiss her, with a little taste of her soul. She was to die for, and it was a shame to know she couldn’t see that within herself.


I quickly leaned over to get a better whiff of her natural scent. She was the essence of love, and my heart couldn’t resist. Though I have never knew or felt a strange emotion such as this.


She tossed over a little bit, cautioning me. I leaned forward again, building my confidence to kiss her. I puckered my lips, my heart paced at a constant rate. I grinned, knowing she wouldn’t want me to kiss her while she was sleeping—but I was going to do it anyway.


I then calmed myself, I didn’t want to wake her. I gently moved her beautiful black hair from her neck, stroking her glory with my fingers. I bent down, as silent as a mouse and kissed her pulsating neck. My black soul shook, I needed more. I wanted to experience her life. I opened my mouth, to taste a little—looking down at my sweet precious. Her eyes suddenly opened!


I quickly backed away, hoping she didn’t notice me and my fangs. I thought to myself…


“So close I was, I should have just did it.” “DAMN!’’


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