You're My Writer's Block.

I started writing this about a year ago but couldn't think of an ending.. I think I've got one now.


1. You're My Writer's Block.

A writer's block, 
That's how I see you sometimes. 
I try to write about you,
And yet I'm stopped by some sublime
Sort of nature. 
The hold you have over me
Is only comparable to the wind
That gushes through old trees;
It's overpowering and strong,
And I cannot fathom thoughts on paper. 
Creativity is stemmed,
Not by love, but my admiration.
Love encourages creative thoughts,
And my admiration for you, 
Pushes my mind into a closed, 
Serene and safe place. 
And though safety is key to survival, 
I no longer want to be safe. 
I want to be exposed, 
to experience what it is to be human, 
to document everything that occurs
and create new worlds our of danger and fractures
in my own life. 

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