Route to Psychosis

This poem is about how a girl was affected by someone constantly putting them down and the resultant outcome.


1. Route to Psychosis

I am at that stage in life;

Where things are difficult and tough,

Why on earth is my life so rough?


I try to be strong and put on a smile,

But what is beneath, is sad and vile,

What is vile I hear you say,

Is it you? Is it me? Or is it the day?

It’s something I cannot bring myself to mutter,

‘You’re so weak’ I hear you utter.


The reason I’m weak is because of people like you;

Your words are what make me feel like a fool.

I keep my emotions locked in to the barred enclosure,

This is my body, my mind, my own persona.


For you will one day,

 watch me rise,

I will be the one who will listen to your cries!

You will be small, weary and ask for my forgiveness,


That is when I will stand tall and laugh at your illness.

Revenge is sweet people say,

Yes I see that,

It is now the end of your day…

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