Love At First Sight

Please no hate but this is my first fan fiction and my best friend keeps telling me to write one. Thanks and I know it's going to be horrid


1. Normal girl

Caitlyn was your normal girl. She had a very boring life and no boyfriend. One day Caitlyn was sitting at the park reading a book and watching everything around her suddenly she spotted five cute boys playing soccer. She watched them for a while thinking they looked familiar. Finally she got it they were one direction. She kept watching them when Niall kicked the bowl her way. Harry ran over to get the bowl he looked up and saw Caitlyn. He stutted and said hi my name is Harry. You looked at him it was love at first sight hi my name is Caitlyn she said. He walked away and started playing soccer with the boys every now and then he would look over at you

Please give me some ideas of what to happen next and how to write a bit better thank you
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