life is tough

life is tough. is were a girl has to complete a few things to keep up with her friends.


1. life is tough

Getting that feeling of happiness now i have finally finished secondary school but knowing that i have college to follow in six weeks i cram everything into six weeks such as:

- finding a boyfriend 

- going on loads of dates with him 

- and all the other things a 17 year old girl would do.

life seems so tough! i have this assessment that some how appeared through the letter box yesterday. but i guess that i will have to get on with my summer holiday as i have 5 weeks left and i haven't completed ANY of my jobs on my list. whilst i was going into town this boy looked at me and it sort of said "hey, wanna go out with me?" ahhhhhh i thought but when you get that feeling of when you want to go up to them but you sort of don't that's the problem.


PS: chapter 2 coming soon

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