dawn part 1 : before the worst

after an 8.0 earthquke hits new york city anne and her family were forced to leave the city they search for the evacution center to surivie but it was 1000 kilometers in los angeles


1. sunrise

it was the morning of july 13 2012 it was a normal day for anne.she leaves for high school .it was 12:00 noon when sunddenly.an earthquake strike 10 student .were killed anne was injured.anne saw dead bodies everwere.she went home her mom was watching the news. the report of the 8.0 earthquake reach los angeles were ann .dad works anne called her dad in a hurry report that the earthquke is hittibg los angeles this midnight.anne told her father dad stay out of santa monica then the call ended with a scream it was too.late the 8.0 earthquake struck los angeles and santa monica at 12:00 midnight anne and her mother cried the death toll was 2,000 including anne dad then an earthquake hit new york again destroying anne house.her mother and her younger brother.jacob leaves new york city.when they leave for a refugee in los angeles it was 5:00 in the morning the sun had already risen ann and her family saw fire collapising bulding.dead  boodies ,they leave new york for good

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