Heart And Soul

You know the warm sensation you get deep down in your heart and soul its love.


1. Heart and Soul

"Pitter Patter" goes the rain in the Spring time, Water Flows down the streets and sidewalks

Sitting alone staring out her window is a girl

This lonely girl only sits and dreams of her prince charming coming to save her from herself

Shes her own worst enemy sitting with no one to love or hold because she can't trust anyone

She walks down a familiar road in a raincoat and boots

The wind blowing the rain everywhere till she can't see anything

But, as the rain pours down she imagines being with her true love kissing in the rain like in the movies

Once the rain lets up she sits by the stream the water glistening as the sun lightly shines down

She stands up and is walking home when "BAM" she runs into a boy

She stares up at him he reaches his hand down to help her up

When they touch his warmth overwhelms her boy and she stares into his blue eyes

She keeps in touch with the boy because she knows she felt something with him

On their frist date he kisses her and when he does butterflies erupt in her stomach

They date for years and years until he proposes to her in the spot where they first met

She learns that no matter who you are if your ugly, fat, skinny, pale, or just down right weird

There is a person out there for every single person

It doesn't matter who you are there is someone out there just like you 

And if you like the girl it'll come coincidentally or by accident 

But, everyone has that special someone finding them is the easy part

But falling in love is a labyrinth or maze of confusion and feelings

Just know that if you if you trust your heart and soul it'll tell you when you've found them

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