Airplane boys +5

Blurb: traveling Europe for a month and half with your four best friends and seeing a One Direction concert is good as it is. Meeting them in the airport and sitting its them that's a whole nother leave of amazing and pure luck! :)


15. The beach

Driving way past the speed limit, hair flying everywhere laugh inane screaming as we make our way to the beach. As we pull up in the parking lot we all jump out of the car and run to the beach! Throwing down our bathing suit covers. As we all did that we see our boys looking at us. We all giggle and throw sand at them. Us girls are complementing each other on their bikinis. 

We decided to go over to play a game of beach volleyball we saw! Everybody was having a blast. We all noticed Hannah's ex boyfriend Alex and his jerk of friends Tim, Jake, Leo, Sam, and Josh looking over at us. Then they came over while the boys were getting food. So we were all alone with them.. None of us were particularly strong so when they came over w emerge bit terrified. Hannah had told us he was insane. 

Alex- Hannah your looking sexier then ever, how about you and you friends come and with us and get out if here?

Hannah- uh sorry Alex we have to go

as we all start to walk away back to the game. They grab our arms pulling us quite close to them. 

Alex- it wasn't a question, you left me Hannah do you know what that did to me. I'm not letting you go again. 

All of a sudent the boys are their 

Liam- in your dreams Hannah is mine!! 

Alex and his friends have very mad looks on their faces, our boys have daring grins on their face. Then they start to fight and yell.

then our amazing boys get up and run to us as Alex's group runs for their car.

I run to Harry who's lip is bleeding, and hug him real tight and close. 

Niall and Danny are hugging while she is wiping some blood. 

Louis and Pilar are kissing not even bothering with the blood.

Ella and Zayn are holding each other while Zayn is singing softly to her. 

We all just deside to go home and have a lazy day.

(at home- skip car ride)

 Harry and I- things are marvelous! Harry is wearing his boxers and I'm wearing his big old shirt and undies. Under a blanket cuddling, they both could not be happier with each other now.

Zayn and I- we're wearing matching footsies form when we went shopping together. He is magical and amaZayn

Niall and I- he is wearing his sweats and I'm wearing his sweats with his hoodie. I feel complete around him! 

Louis and I- he's wearing sweats and I'm wearing a huge shirt of his and spandex. We laugh together and do sass contests then end up laughing more.

Liam and Hannah- he is wearing plaid pj bottoms and a jack wills shirt. I'm wearing my plaid bottoms and jack wills shirt, I'm beginning to really really like Liam I sorta want to be more then friends. 



Ella straight way says NOOOO!! Then Zayn comes and whispers to her and she agrees. Everybody else seems open to it. We make the popcorn get all the blankets and pillows we can find, get comfy and turn it on.


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