Five Friends and Five Boys

Friends Veronica, Alyssa, Brianna, Haley, and Maddie are in love with the band One Direction. When they go to the dance at their high school, they didn't know who was going to be there or who knew the famous boyband. Will they fall in love or have major complications along the way to be happy? Read to find out.

**The Alyssa in this story is not realated to the Alyssa in my other story!! I'm writing this story for my friends and I! Thanks!! -Alyssa xx(:**


1. The Blackout Dance


My name is Alyssa and I have four crazy friends who love One Direction. We're all 18 excpet me- I'm only 17. I'm a Louis girl and my friends call me Tommo, my friend Veronica is a Niall girl and we call her Horan, my friend Brianna is a Zayn girl and we call her Malik, my other friend Haley is a Harry girl and we call her Styles, and my other friend Maddie is a Liam girl and we call her Payne. Our school is having a dance this week and we're all going together. It's a Blackout Dance and everyone HAS to wear black. My phone started ringing and I saw a picture of Niall and my friend's name 'Veronica Horan' pop up.

"Hey Horan! What's up??" I asked.  

"Tommo!!!! I have no idea what dress I'm going to get! I bought like 3 and then the ones I don't want I'll just return!! Please help me!!" She exclaimed. 

"I'm on my way! Give me 5 minutes!" I replied. I threw on my Jack Wills hoodie, my grey Toms, and my purse that slings over my shoulder and to the side. I rushed out of my house and walked a few doors down. My long brown hair was flowing in the breeze and my bright, blue eyes looked up towards the cloudy sky. 

I walked up Veronica's walk way and knocked on the door then was greeted by her. 

"TOMMO!!!!" She exclaimed then pulled in me for her version of a 'Horan Hug'.

"Hey Horan," I smiled. She let go of me and lead me up to her room that was clean and tidy. Her room was sky blue with white furniture. Her bed was a canopy bed and had twinkley lights hanging from the beams. 

"Okay, so I have this one," she pointed to a strapless peplum dress. "This one," she pointed to a dress that had straps and some patterns to it. "And this one," she pointed to a strapless dress that was flowy and was high in the front and long in the back and it had some hints of sparkles on the top.

"Can you try them on?" I aksed. One by one, she tried them on and my favorite was the peplum dress. It figure to her body and she looked stunning. 

"I love this one on you!" I exclaimed. 

"You do? Does it make me look fat?" She looked at herself in the mirror. 

"Are you kidding me?! You're already skinny!" I exclaimed. 

'Thanks Tommo," she smiled. My phone beeped and it was a text from 'Haley Styles' 

Styles: 'Did Horan decide on a dress?' 

Me: 'Yup! You'll see it when we alll get ready!'

Styles: 'Okay! Can't wait! It's this Frieday right?' 

Me: 'Yup! 3 more days! ttyl I'll see ya later!' 

Styles: 'Bye Tommo!'

Me: 'Bye Styles!' I put my phone down and when I looked up Veronica was dressed in sweats and a hoodie.

"So are you excited?" She asked. 

'Yeah... you know how Rachel's dad works for Sony? Well she's going to try and have them show up to the dance because they're not on tour and they're visiting New Jersey for something anyway," I told her. 

"Oh my god!!!!!!!! What if they see US and want to dance with US and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!" She exclaimed then fell to the ground. "I've fangirled and I can't get up," she said. Of course I started laughing.

"Give me 5 minutes!! I'm calling the girls!" I called Haley then added Brianna and Maddie. After they all picked up, I put them on speaker and thne told them the news about the boys coming to the dance. The phone was silent. 3...2...1...


"WAIT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING SOMEONE PINCH ME. OH MY GOD I MIGHT MEET LIAM AND THEN..." Maddie screamed and then trailed off.

"OH MY GOD... WHAT IF HARRY BROUGHT ED AND THE GINGER JESUS OF THE WORLD IS THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!" Haley yelled and then I heard a thump. "Sorry dropped my phone... okay... I THINK I'm calm..." 

"We can't get our hopes up because they might not even show up," I told them. 

"And probably the whole girl population is going to be swooning over them," Veronica joined in.

"Please don't crush our hopes and dreams right now," I whispered. 

"YEAH HORAN!!!" Brianna exclaimed with a laugh.

"Shut up Mailk," I replied like Louis did in the video diary. We talked a little while longer and then we said our good-byes. 

"Well... I have to go but I'll see you soon!" I said at her door. She gave me another Horan Hug' and I left. 

I walked down the street and into my empty house. I had an older brother but he was at college and my parents were still at work. Both off my parents worked at the hospital so they sometimes both had the night shift together. I heated up some leftover chicken parm and sat down at the table by myself... again. When I was done dinner I went upstairs and got ready for bed and then just layed in bed and watched TV.


***3 Days Later- Getting Ready With Everybody For the Dance***


"So how am I doing your hair?" Veronica asked. 

"What ever you want to do! I'm all yours including make-up!" I replied. While she was curling my hair I was painting Brianna's nails black with silver glitter. Maddie was doing Haley's hair and it was a little chaotic. After my hair, Haley did my make-up while Veronica did Maddie's make-up and then Maddie did Veronica's hair. After her hair was done, Brianna did her make-up while I did Haley's hair. 


"Malik! Get your tiny ass over here and I'll do your hair and make-up!" I exclaimed. 

"Fiiiiiine," she replied. When everyone was done getting dressed, we piled into Maddie's SUV and she drove us all to the school for the dance that would change our lives. 



When we got to the door to show our tickets, we saw a stage with 5 microphones and no one really knew about this but us beacuse Rachel set this whole thing up for us. Such a good friend she was! 

"Am I the only one seeing the mics?!" Maddie yelled over the music.

"No! I see them Maddie!" I yelled back. We all started dancing and when 'What Makes You Beautiful' camce on we looked at eachother and screamed at the top of our lungs. 

"What if they come out soon?!?!?" Brianna screamed. 

"I think I'm going to pass out... I need something to drink," Veronica.

"Oh no you don't Horan! You're staying right here incase they come out!" I told her whilst grabbing her by the shoulder and pulling her back in our little circle. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I saw Haley's face and it looked like the face when she saw Harry...

"Are you Haley?" A voice asked. I turmed around and I saw Harry freakin' Styles.

"Uhhh... N-n-no... she is," I replied whilst pointing to her. 

"Oh... hey love," he smiled that cheeky smile of his.

"Where's Veronica?" Niall asked with his Irish accent. 

"I-I-I-I'm Veronica," she replied with a blush. He looked at her and he blushed so much and then Zayn leaned over and said something to him that made him blush even more. 

"I-I'm Niall it's nice to meet you Veronica," he smiled. 

"Which one is Maddie?" Liam asked. 

"I am," Maddie said with a smile. "It's nice to meet you Liam," 

"Nice to meet you too!" He exclaimed. I looked at Brianna and she looked like she was about to run to a corner and just fangirl right then and there. I shook my head and gave her a look saying 'don't do it'. Thank god she saw me because she nodded and attempted to clam herself down.

"Which one is Brianna?" Zayn asked with his Bradford accent.

"I-I-I-I..." she trailed off.

"She is," I smiled at him and pointed to her.

"Yeah... what she said," she smiled. 

"Nice to meet you babe," he told her whilst she blushed. 

"And I'm guessing you're Alyssa?" Louis asked me.

"No I'm their friend Lexi," I lied. He looked a little disappointed. "I was kidding Lou nice to meet you. I'm Alyssa," I laughed. 

"Nice to meet you I'm Louis," he smiled at me. Oh my god Louis Tomlinson smiled at me. Breathe Alyssa... in and out. 

"Would you like to dance?" He asked. 

"Uh... sure," I looked at my friends and they looked back at me saying it was okay if I left our little group. He grabbed my hand and led me to the center of the floor. A slow song came on and he put his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck. 

"You look really pretty even though I just met you," he laughed. 

"Thanks! You look good too!" I replied. He blushed a little bit and then he looked up at me. 

"So what year are you?" He asked.

"Oh I'm a senoir and I'm turning 18 in 3 months," I replied with a smile.

"Oh cool!" He replied. "What do you do in your free time?"

"Uhhh... I surf and I like to play socce,"

"No way! We have to go surfing together!" He exclaimed. So he planned on seeing me again? Wow. My night was made.

"You plan on seeing us again?" I asked. 

"Yeah! Did you see the way the boys looked at your friends?" He asked with a laugh.

"Yeah but I thought that was an act. I mean you have Eleanor and Liam and Danielle," I replied.

"Oh.. uh we broke up and so did Liam and Danni," he looked down at the ground.

"Oh... sorry,"

"It's okay," he said whilst looking back up with a smile.

"So when's the next tour?" I asked.

"In a few months but we don't have to worry about that,"

"We already bought some tickets for it... and we're close to the stage," I smiled.

"Really?! What show are you going to?" He aksed.

"June 25 and July 8," I replied.

"Cool! Did you get backstage passes?!"

"No. We couldn't get them in time," I said with a small frown.

"That can be changed very easliy," he laughed. When the song ended another girl came up to him and asked for a dance but he said no. He said he already had a date. WAIT WHAT?!  The girl walked away a little disapointed and Louis turned his attention back to me. 

"So where were we?" He asked. 

"Uhhh..." I came up blank. He smiled at me and pulled me into a hug. Wait... did Louis Tomlinson just hug me? Excuse me while I die on the inside. 

"Hey Tom- I meant Alyssa! The dance is ending what do you want to do?" Veronica asked behind me. When did she get there?

"Uhhh... we can go to my house. My parents have the night shift tonight so you and the girls can sleepover because I don't want to be myself," I said.

'Cool! I'll tell them now," she replied and walked away. 

"Would you boys like to come over and hang out? I mean you came all of this way and I bet you would like to just chill somewhere besides a hotel room," I said with a blush on my cheeks.

"Sounds cool let me just tell the boys," he said whilst walking away but before he could walk away, he turned around a grabbed my hand. Louis Tomlinson grabbed my hand. Oh. My. God. 

"Tom- I mean Alyssa! What are we doing when we leave?" Brianna asked. 

"I think we're going back to my house," I replied. Someone started turning the lights on and people started leaving the gym. 

"Boys? What are we doing?" Liam asked. 

"Well Alyssa invited us back to her house and we would probably watch a movie," Louis said. I nodded in agreement. 

"But we'll need to stop at Shop Rite and get food and a movie from RedBox," I said. 

"FOOD!" Niall exclaimed which earned a few glances from the people that passed us. 

"Niall calm down," Veronica said.

"You tell him Hor- I mean Veronica!" Brianna said. 

"What is up with you cutting yourselves off?" Harry asked.

'Wellll... we have nicknames for each other," Haley said and it basically came out in one big word. 

"Oh..." Harry replied. 

"Well lets get going!" I said with a smile. "Just follow us and we can go food shopping," 

"Food shopping?" Niall said. 

"WE are picking the food," Maddie said putting extra emphisis on the word 'we'. 

"Well lets get going!" I exclaimed and with that we left the school and into our cars on our way to the local Shop Rite.

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