1D Picked Me!!!! (harry styles and niall horan)

18 year old Sisters, Paige and Aurora Summers are just two of your average teenage girls with rich parents, living in Hollywood, California. Until one day, their lives change foreverwhen they find out they were choosen to go on tour with their favorite band, the One Direction! Crushes develop.friendships are tested. Relatioships are started. What will happen? Find out in....... "1D Picked Me!!!!"


1. The Choosen One's

Aurora's P.O.V

"I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun!" i sprung up in bed and looked at my clock. It was 7:45. oh god! we overslept again! i ran into paiges room, "We're going to be late if you do not get up now!!" i yelled. Paige automattically got out of bed. we got up and got ready in less than half the time, catching the bus. we went to our first three classes, paige had math, history, then gym, and i had art, english, and science. we got to our fourth period, cooking, we had it together, and got in our kitchen groups. the bell rang and the teacher came in. with one direction. "good morning class,oday we will have a little competition. you are going to choose the food you make and one direction will judge it. the winner will get to stay in the pool room for the rest of the day. go!" she said. i had a flashback. (start) monday: one direction came into the assembly building and told us that they were going to pick two girls to go on tour with them. (end) paige and i decided to do tacos. group by group went up and it was finally our turn.when they were done judging, all the groups went into a seperate room. finally the teacher came in and said, "paige and aurora are the winners. go straight to the pool room. i will notify your teachers." later in the pool room, we were just walking out of the changing rooms in our bikinis when we noticed the boys were sitting at a table by the pool. i did a cannonball and got paige all wet. she jumped in and splashed me. i went to splash her but she moved and the water hit the boys and got them all wet. i jumped out of pool. "i am so sorry! that wasn't ment for you!" i said. "thats ok love" harry said.

Harry's P.O.V
Man she looks so hot in her black bikini with hot pink lace. shes smart and she can cook. i can't wait to tell her i picked her. i snapped back to reality. "you wanna come in?" aurora asked. "sure." i said, and jumped into the pool.

Aurora's P.O.V
Paige and i invited the boys in the pool with us. we were laughing and having fun swimming for about an hour, when louis phone went off. him and the boys got out. he told the boys something. Paige and i got out of the pool. niall grabbed paige and told her to go get dressed. so she did. after she walked out, liam ran in the dressing and ran back out with my bag. he threw it in the pool. I screamed, "Liam! all my clothes, extra clothes,
coat, and paiges extra clothes were in there! what am i going to do now?!" harry went to his bag and handed me a shirt and a pair of pants and said, "here, you can borrow these." i thanked him and told liam that since he threw my stuff in, he has to get it all. i put harrys clothes on and since we had to walk through the courtyard to get to the school, and it was winter, harry let me use his extra coat. We were walking through the courtyard to the school when i looked back and saw paige and niall holding hands!
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